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Feb 15, 2008 07:13 AM

romantic finger food

so I am taking my girlfriend for an overnight getaway to a winery for a late Valentine's Day present. We are spending the whole day at the winery..eating lunch in the bistro....but then going to a romantic hotel to spend the night.

I want to bring some romantic finger foods with us for that night to eat...

I already have chocolate covered strawberries and we are going to buy the champagne and wine there at the winery (PS she doesn't know anything about this trip)

I was thinking cheese and crackers of course...

but what else? any ideas? The room has a fridge and microwave so I can take about anything, but I want it light and romantic.

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  1. Don't know if I'd do the cheese & crackers (cheese breath & crumbs in bed). Some suggestions (feel free to shoot them down);
    Scallops wrapped in bacon (may be tough to do there)
    Bon Bons
    Mini crab cakes
    Mini Quiche
    Whipped Cream

    1. I friend of mine used to make as an appetizer that I remember. It started with a mixture of equal parts blue cheese and cream cheese refrigerated until firm. He would then roll the mixture into balls (about an inch in diameter) and introduce a single piece of candy coated walnut inside of each one. After that, each ball would be tossed in grated Parmigiano-Reggiano with copious amounts of black pepper. Very sexy.

      1. I got some great ideas for small bites at home from this post and some of them would probably work for this - the grape truffles and individual antipasti were great as were the figs/mascarpone/salami (try proscuitto maybe)

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          sounds good! Well, the room has tables and chairs and all of that. The crumbs wouldn't be an issue. I'm weird about eating in the ACTUAL bed anyway haha.

          Thanks for the suggestion, I am diggin the anitpasto and figs...gotta love it.

        2. this page has foods that are phallic foods for each gender, the best foods as aphrodisiacs for seduction, those for flirting, those for exploration, those for aromas, etc. it's really an interesting read!

          good link to aphrodesiac finger foods:

          interesting article about the power of the smell of pumpkin and spice

          avocado is another surprising aphrodesiac... you could bring guacamole or slice avocado into your antipasto, or serve w/ spicy salsa for fiery sexy nachos

          marinated fruits w/ some sort of syrup - pineapple, bananas berries, etc. mixed with a little candied ginger and nutmeg

          if you're in an area that has ethiopian food, that would be great room service/take-out to feed each other by hand

          since scallops are an aphrodesiac, i think ceviche could be very easily done in a hotel room too

          you can make hot chocolate... heat cream in micro, then add deep chocolate and voila!

          Some classic examples of aphrodisiacs include chocolate, figs, anise, almonds, oysters, coffee, licorice, honey, vanilla, wine, and truffles, many already listed here, but I'd aim to incorporate these flavors...