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Feb 15, 2008 06:58 AM

Cassoulet in Cleveland?

So I live in SEA and bragged to my brother in CLE about the cassoulet I made a few weeks ago. He's dying to try it but couldn't make it out here to join me at the time. He's dreamed of tasting it once in his life. Are there any restaurants in CLE that offer a traditional cassoulet that my brother can try?



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  1. I'm pretty sure Wonderbar on East 4th Street downtown serves small crocks of cassoulet during happy hour, probably during dinner hours, too. Can't say how traditional it is, but I've heard it's quite good.

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      1. i dk if SANS SOUCI might have it as a winter special sometimes? they are mediterranean not alsatian so definately call ahead.

        also, try calling CHEZ FRANCOIS in vermilion too.

        boy, this reminds me the cleve is really begging for an informal french bistro that serves classic staples like this. even if a LES HALLES branch came to town it would be welcomed with open arms. the only more casual french place like this i know of in all of ohio is JEANRO in cinci (but no, they don't have cassoulet either).

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          Thanks, mrnyc!

          I always appreciate hearing from you. I'll pass your recs on to my brother.


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            Chez Francois closes for Winter and doesn't have it on their menu. Sans Souci doesn't have it on their menu. Wonderbar no longer has it on their menu and it wasn't very traditional to begin with.

            The only time I can recall seeing it in Cleveland was at Nighttown and they don't seem to have it anymore, either. Tri-C started offering cooking classes last year and they had a class that included cassoulet but this year's slate of classes is new.

            It's a pretty complicated, time consuming dish, right? Besides that, it's 90% carbs and 90% fat. It's a tough sell. And it's unfamiliar... I have a feeling that your brother is going to have to wait a long time. His best hope may be a special request at an independent restaurant where he's a frequent customer. Or a personal chef.

            1. re: stuart

              Thanks, Stuart.

              As a Cleveland native and in love with all of Cleveburg's traditional ethnic cuisines, I'm a little surprised that something 90% carbs and 90% fat would be a tough sell there, but go figure.

              In any case, I ended up overnighting him the last portion of the cassoulet I made last month. Not the same thing but it'll do.


              1. re: Daniel

                If he's still interested, I've got a lead. Le Petit Triangle has cassoulet listed on their menu. It contains "slow simmered duck." Is the fatty duck confit there and hiding so as not to scare calorie counters? Or was the fat sacrificed for those calorie counters? The only other meat in the description is chicken sausage which seems like it isn't strictly traditional. My theory is that there's no single canonical cassoulet but I'm not necessarily very concerned about authenticity to begin with. I'm curious. I think I'll check it out. There are several other interesting items on the menu.

                It's primarily a creperie like its predecessor. They also have croque monsiuers. The instant I knew such a thing existed, I knew it must be the perfect sandwich. This is the first time I've seen one on a local menu.


          2. Cassoulet was on the menu at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights two weeks ago.

            My friend, who loves the dish,ordered it and was quite pleased.