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Feb 15, 2008 06:54 AM

Looking for Inner Harbor Rest. Recommendations

I am going to baltimore next weekend for the Craft Show and my Mom and I usually eat at Leagal Seafood (she loves it and must have lobster). I went to make a reservation and saw that it was listed as closed.

I am looking for recommendations for seafood resturants in the Inner Harbor Area. I dont mind if it is a chain or independantly owner as long as it has good food.


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  1. I would say Blue Sea Grill, McCormicks & Schimdts. Really the main options around the inner harbor are the corporate steakhouses, there are like 6 within like 1 square mile. I didn't know baltimore could afford to keep them all afloat in such a densely packed area. Blue Sea Grill is owned by the guy that owns all the Ruth's Chris in the area but it's a beautiful rest, stunning. M&S is the chain out of Oregon I believe, never personally been to the one in B-more but had a decent meal at a diff location. I would reccomend the Blue Sea Grill personally

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      Thanks! Blue Sea Grill sounds like a good possibility, we have an M&S in Philly and it is not very good.

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        We went to the Blue Sea Grill and we LOVED it. Thanks so much for the recommendation

      2. Is the Philips still open? It's another chain, but at least an originally local one, isn't it?

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            We went to Philip's about four years ago, when we first started taking this trip, and before we started going to Legal. I thought it was pretty bad. That is why I wanted to get some feedback on chowhound to avoid another experience like that...

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              The chain Steakhouses in the Inner Harbor (Ruth's Chris, The Capital Grill, Mortons, etc.) usually have Lobster.
              Stay far far away from Phillips - YUCK.

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                Thanks for your suggestions. We have all three of those chain steakhouses in Philly so I want to try a concept that is new to me. What do you think of Blue Sea Grill?

          2. What about restaurants over in Harbor East? I short walk from the inner harbor, you could go to Roys - they have a lot of seafood on their menu - its Hawiian / Asian fusion inspired.

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              The Oceannaire is over there too.

            2. Baltimore insn't known for Lobster...crabs is our deal...BUT for Lobster in Baltimore, I'd recommend these restaurants, in this order:

              Pretty Expensive but all great:
              Less Expensive & less fancy options:
              1. local place- Mo's Seafood -Little Italy Downtown,502 Albemarle St,Baltimore, MD 21202,Phone: 410-837-1600
              2. local place -Michael's Steak & Lobster HSE,6209 Eastern Ave,Baltimore, MD 21224-2992,Phone: (410) 633-6485 -no website

              Good luck...enjoy B'more!!

              1. I've only had lunch there, but I'd highly recommend Watertable at the Renaissance. Interesting, well-presented, well-done food. Great ingredients. Check it out.\

                Here's a review: