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Feb 15, 2008 06:50 AM

Tulsa -- new restaurant openings

I love to read the restaurant review in both the Tulsa World and the Urban Tulsa. Noticed some new openings listed. (And some closings). Was wondering if anyone had tried them yet?

3316 Brookside
Still fairly new and located at.... 3316 Brookside, Tulsa. My understanding is that they are using a changing, seasonal menu. This is one I'm really looking forward to trying.

The Laughing Wench Pub
108 N. 1st Street, Jenks.
Serves a mixture of American and British fare including fish and chips, bangers and mash, Guinness beef stew..

Marco's Pizza
4650 W. Houston St. (81st and Garnett)

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza
2000 w. Houston St. (81st and 145th e. ave)

FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafe
11085 S. Memorial Drive
opened by the same people that have the Camille's Sidewalk Cafe

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  1. We ate at 3316 and were extremely underwhelmed. While the menu items look interesting both our apps and entrees were just blah. Service was pretty awful but that's to be expected since they're new. We'd usually give this place another chance but we've heard from numerous friends the chef(owner?) is a TOTAL cocky jerk. So I don't think I'll reward him with any more of my money. Think I'll stick with the other Brookside spots... Ciao, Brasserie, Sonoma, and Lava.

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    1. re: Kingdaddy

      Don't know about the cocky part, the food was decent, the service totally sucked.

      Marco's pizza, isnt't that the new location of the one on 51st, moving because of reconstruction of I-44. It has been around for a long time. Just new location.

      The rest are all new to me. But I don't get out to the suburbs a lot. I did go to Bella recently, just down from Roberto'a and Panera on the back side of that shopping center. I will go back there.

      1. re: tiomano

        The NY Pizza place at 51st and Harvard that has to move is Mario's, not Marco's. I haven't heard if they are relocating.

    2. Bluestone Steak and Seafood, 10032 S. Sheridan Road
      was in the World today as a new "fine dining" option. The review was good. Was wondering if anyone had tried it.

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      1. re: Firegoat

        I'm going to sound like I don't like any restaurants as this is my second negative posting in this thread...BUT, Blue Stone is pretty bad. We live out south so we were excited to hear of another upscale restaurant opening in the area. Two couples we're friends with had been a couple of times and that it was marginal but we wanted to try it out ourselves.
        Nothing stood out. It's a pretty straight forward steak/chop kind of menu. Crab cakes were ok but standard. Couldn't really tell if they were even made "in house".
        Wedge salad was good but that's hard to screw up. Kind of wondered why it was $9 but that's splitting hairs.
        I had a bone-in chop with a peach chutney. The quality of the chop was TERRIBLE. Almost mushy. My wife warned me not to eat it as I might get sick, but I quit about half way through because it just didn't taste good.
        She got a small filet, which she said was decent, but looked more well done than medium as she'd requested. We'd probably had sent it back if the server ever checked back with us or, HEAVEN FORBID, a manager had actually stopped by to see how our meal was. No such luck.
        We skipped dessert and final tab was around $100 with a bottle of vino. For the quality we thought that was a little steep. We have no problem spending $$$ when we dine out, but I'm not going to throw it down the drain when I can dine at Fusco's, Mahogany, The Bistro, Red Rock, and other such South Tulsa restaurants that actually put out a good product.

        1. re: Kingdaddy

          Nothing wrong with being negative if that was your experience. I love to just randomly try out new places, sometimes it works out great.... sometimes it doesn't. But when it comes to fine dining where I'm going to be spending a chunk of money, I'd like to know ahead of time from someone else who has been there. The reviewer and the person with him both ordered steak ... and frankly that's pretty hard to screw up. They did give the scallops a high mark tho....

          1. re: Firegoat

            Comments after Scott Cherry's review on seem to be mixed, but seems there's a lot of finger pointing going on.

            1. re: Kingdaddy

              Hee hee, you're right on that! Thanks for pointing that out to me, was worth reading for the entertainment value.

      2. New in the Tulsa World this week, The Bluestone Steak House & Seafood in south Tulsa. The review was good, although seemed like the reviewers could have tried a bit more of a range of the menu.
        10032 S. Sheridan road
        Also listed as new:
        Andales Tex Mex Grill and Cantina, 5966 S. yale Ave. and
        SoChey Jazz Cafe 219 S. Cheyenne (where Pomodori's used to be. Chef is Trevor Tack
        Would be interested to see if anyone has tried them and what they think.

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        1. re: Firegoat

          Just because I love reading the new restaurant reviews in the World every Friday... here is this week's dose. I hope someone has tried them :D
          Sunset Bar & Grill 5800 S. Lewis Ave -- Basically a bar with what is supposed to be a little better quality bar food. Got 2 stars for food in the World. Says it opened in late December in the Londson Square Shopping Center. Now for the sad part, the side bar on the story talked about the Blue Rose also reopening from the dead and going into that same center..... but.... without serving food. I'm sad to say the least... they made some good burgers, not to mention the loaded chicken cheese fries.

          The other place that looked interesting was the Kopenhagen Bakery & Cafe at 5076 S. 78th East Ave. The photo of the food was gorgeous, and the whole concept sounds fantastic. It says it opened mid February in the Fontana Shopping Center and is just now serving lunch. It's Danish themed, and after having a cousin from Sweden spend the summer with me and learning about food from him, I'm anxious to go try this out.

          Also mentioned was the Crusty Croissant in Brookside which opened March 3. The article says it is modeled after the Dallas-based Le Madeleine restaurants. I'd like to give this on a spin too.

          1. re: Firegoat

            I stopped into the Crusty Croissant and thought it was a nice addition to Brookside. If they are modeled after La Madaleine, I have no problem with that. Firegoat, want to meet up for breakfast one day. Just pm me.

            1. re: tiomano

              We should do that. Ironically I read that while eating breakfast at the Panera on South Lewis. Not a new restaurant and a chain... but got to love those cinnamon crunch bagels and free wi fi when the home ISP is on the fritz.
              What did you try at the Crusty Croissant? I hope it does better than some of the other restaurants that have landed in that spot and since disappeared. Who else wishes S & J Oyster Company was still at the north corner of Brookside......

              1. re: Firegoat

                I do. I loved S&J. I miss the Black and White tiles.

        2. The Tulsa World had a review of the SoChey Jazz Cafe in the paper yesterday. 219 S. Cheyenne Ave (downtown were Pomodori's used to be)
          It got 3 1/2 and 4 stars for food and service. Now that i don't work downtown any more, I rarely go down there. Has anyone given it a try yet?

          Also saw that Lava Noshery 3512 S. Peoria Ave is launching its first Sunday brunch this Sunday.

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          1. re: Firegoat

            I went to SoCHEY JAZZ CAFÉ last night for dinner and live Music. 219 S. Cheyenne Ave. 295-0177. It's in the old space of Pomodori's downtown. It was really fun. The food was solid B+ plus the live Jazz was wonderful.

          2. I saw an ad in the paper today in the entertainment section for a new Japanese cuisine and sushi restaurant opening soon. Claims to be authentic and served that cuisine for 20+ years in California.
            Wish I had saved the paper.... but this certainly might be interesting

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            1. re: Firegoat

              Found the ad.... the restaurant will be called Asensu -- Japanese cuisine and Sushi Bar. Has served authentic Japanese cuisine for 26 years in Palm Springs, Calif. Should be interesting. Located at 7123 S. 92 E. Ave.

              Also today a fairly good review for Oliver's Twist in Brookside, and an article updating that Kopenhagen Blue is now offering lunch.

              I haven't tried Kopenhagen Blue yet, but the menu for lunch sure sounds good. Includes gravlax, cranberry chicken sandwiches, lobster bisque and chicken salad with fried feta cheese.

              Sadly, they also had a list of restaurant closings which included: Bowl of Red Chili House, Average Joe's, Mexico Viejo, East China, and Te Kei's 2

              1. re: Firegoat

                Asensu had an ad in today's paper (the spot) indicating they are open an 20% off if you bring in the ad.

                Promotions like that always worry me.... but I am tempted