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Feb 15, 2008 06:30 AM

New user, looking for feedback.

Hey all, I just stumbled on to this website recently. I decided to sign up and start posting some recipes. I'm not a 'pro' I consider my self a home chief. In other words, I love cooking for my family and doing it well. If you were to visit our house on Saturdays and Sundays you would think we were running a restaurant in our kitchen. After years of all this home cooking we have started to fine tune some of our recipes. We hardly every eat out anymore, we are having too much fun and good food being home chiefs.

I started by posting something simple to get used to the format around here. I hope you all enjoy this unique burger recipe. I would love to have some feedback on my first post, let me know what you like or what to improve.


Broiler Burgers (Great for winter)

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  1. ooo, looks good. You can also post them in the threads here.
    Welcome to Home Cooking!!


    1. i tried clicking on your recipes but they won't come up.