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0% greek style yogurt

Anyone know where I can find fat free greek style yogurt in toronto (preferably as close to the east end as possible). Thanks!

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  1. Is it the same as "Balkan style" yogurt? I believe that Astro makes a 0% balkan yogurt...but don't quote me

    1. I don't think you'll find any 0% Greek style yogurt in Toronto stores, though I could be wrong (I use 10% myself). Certainly there is no Fage sold here. I'd suggest getting the Western brand and draining it through cheesecloth until it reaches the thickness you want. Astro would also work, though I don't know whether the "Balkan style" comes as 0%.

      1. Sorry, I really don't know if this will help you, hungryabbey, but if "Greek style" is anything like "Balkan style" then I think it actually refers to the yogurt with the highest fat content! Otherwise, it's just 2%, 1%, or fat-free. Can anybody else confirm or challenge please?

        Here's an article with some info about Balkan style:


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          I think the idea is that its supposed to taste ike Balkan style but its fat free.. Like embee mentioned Fage, that is a brand that I know is exactly what I was looking for.. but oh well. I have a few recipes that call for it (Fage in particular) but I guess I will look for this Balkan style astro yogurt.. thanks guys!

        2. I don't get why people eat 0 percent yogurt but you guys must have your reasons!

          Unfortunately, to answer your question, I have never seen a zero percent Greek-style yogurt in Toronto...

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            Astro yoghurt says on its labels that it is "Balkan style". I understand the company was started by someone from the former Yugoslavia who couldn't find yoghurt similar to what he had back there in Toronto.

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              hm have you tried it? is it thick or creamy tasting at all?

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                I find Astro's version too sour for my taste. It is not thick in the manner of Greek "shepherd's yogurt". The version I'm aware of is relatively high in butterfat - definitely not 0%.

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                  okay then that defeats the purpose anyways. oh well. thanks anyways guys

          2. Select Bakery on donlands sells a pressed yogurt from greece but its not 0%, only thing you can do is buy 0% fat yogurt and strain it your self with cheese cloth or coffee filters.

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              oh that I think is pretty close to me, Ill go check it out, thanks

            2. Try the balkan style yogurt from Olympic www.olympicdairy.com it's not as sour as Astro's. It's now available at Rabba and Whole Foods. You'll have to strain it yourself to get Fage like consistency but it's the closest yogurt I found that tastes like Fage. I love Liberté's méditerranée but it's 8.5% MF. I wish we could buy Fage here, I'm sick of driving to Buffalo to buy it!

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                  Just came back from a trip down south where I ate a tub of Fage 2% yoghurt every day. I had read about it on the Home Cooking board but it was my first experience eating it - unbelievably rich, creamy, delicious. So now that I'm addicted, where's the closest spot I can drive to in Buffalo to get it? Target? In the meantime, I'm going to check out the Olympic yoghurt you recommended.

                  Why isn't Fage sold here???

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                    Wegman's - there are a bunch. And they have much to recommend them in addition to the yoghurt. The selection & prices are amazing - definitely check out the 'drugstore-type' area.

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                      The company says import regulations won't allow it.

                      Anyway, if there's a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in Buffalo, they'll carry it.

                  2. I discovered greek style yogurt in England several years ago and searched for an equivalent in Toronto, but never found it. Astro yogurt unfortunately doesn't come close. Not sure why all Greek or mediterranean yogurt sold here is so high in fat.

                    For anyone who hasn't tried it, Greek style yogurt is low-fat, but thick, creamy and not quite as tart as regular yogurt. Absolutely delicious and great for putting on fruit for dessert.

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                      yes I have heard.. I was hoping to try to use it in baking recipes but I guess if the only options I have are high fat ones I might as well just use butter.

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                        Even full-fat yogurt is still less rich and calorie-dense than butter.

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                          Im sure your right.. I will try to experiment and do the best I can keeping the fat down without it tasting flat

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                          Sorry but labneh is not like the greek yogurt I've had in the UK but who knows. I've never been to Greece. Maybe what they have in the UK isn't the real deal!

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                            That's probably related the the amount of whey that has been allowed to drain. The yogurt in many Greek stores in Toronto is similar to many brands of labneh - it is spreadable rather than pourable. Some labneh is more like semi-solid cheese. If you are making your own, use it when it reaches the consistency you want.

                        2. Oh I'd love to know. I get Greek yogurt all the time in the UK but can't find it here. Considering our Greek population, this is astounding! Astro's isn't close. A good Greek yogurt is like a very heavy cream - I use it instead of sour cream in fact. Pour a little maple syrup or honey on it and it's dessert!

                          1. Whole Foods sells the little packs with fruit/honey on the side - not sure about the name.

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                              Just bought some yesterday, coincidentally - but it's definitely not 0%. I think it's 9% - texture is nice and creamy but there's a bit of a sour tang to it. Pretty good but still nothing like Fage (even with all the extra fat).

                            2. Some of the Greek bakeries and delis along the Danforth sell yogurt, but it wouldn't be 0% (not even close--that's what makes Greek yogurt so good!). I've been buying Phoenician brand yogourt (avail. at some grocery stores in the east end--I think No Frills at Gerrard and Logan has it). It is pretty close, not as sour as Balkan yogurt, and not as thin as regular yogurt but at 2% will not be exactly like Greek yogourt. I like the brand though.

                              1. You can find Greek Yogurt at Longo's. 0% Liberte brand. Need to look hard for it on the shelf. It doesn't stand out. Similar to the other labels of Liberte but it's there! Awesome stuff! Creamy texture with a lot more protein than the regular kind. Quite a bit more expensive than the regular yogurt but worth it!

                                1. There's a health food store called "Orgainic Abundance" on Bloor and Royal York. The last time I bought it was last week. Go check it out!!