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Feb 15, 2008 05:47 AM

0% greek style yogurt

Anyone know where I can find fat free greek style yogurt in toronto (preferably as close to the east end as possible). Thanks!

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  1. Is it the same as "Balkan style" yogurt? I believe that Astro makes a 0% balkan yogurt...but don't quote me

    1. I don't think you'll find any 0% Greek style yogurt in Toronto stores, though I could be wrong (I use 10% myself). Certainly there is no Fage sold here. I'd suggest getting the Western brand and draining it through cheesecloth until it reaches the thickness you want. Astro would also work, though I don't know whether the "Balkan style" comes as 0%.

      1. Sorry, I really don't know if this will help you, hungryabbey, but if "Greek style" is anything like "Balkan style" then I think it actually refers to the yogurt with the highest fat content! Otherwise, it's just 2%, 1%, or fat-free. Can anybody else confirm or challenge please?

        Here's an article with some info about Balkan style:

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          I think the idea is that its supposed to taste ike Balkan style but its fat free.. Like embee mentioned Fage, that is a brand that I know is exactly what I was looking for.. but oh well. I have a few recipes that call for it (Fage in particular) but I guess I will look for this Balkan style astro yogurt.. thanks guys!

        2. I don't get why people eat 0 percent yogurt but you guys must have your reasons!

          Unfortunately, to answer your question, I have never seen a zero percent Greek-style yogurt in Toronto...

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            Astro yoghurt says on its labels that it is "Balkan style". I understand the company was started by someone from the former Yugoslavia who couldn't find yoghurt similar to what he had back there in Toronto.

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              hm have you tried it? is it thick or creamy tasting at all?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                I find Astro's version too sour for my taste. It is not thick in the manner of Greek "shepherd's yogurt". The version I'm aware of is relatively high in butterfat - definitely not 0%.

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                  okay then that defeats the purpose anyways. oh well. thanks anyways guys

          2. Select Bakery on donlands sells a pressed yogurt from greece but its not 0%, only thing you can do is buy 0% fat yogurt and strain it your self with cheese cloth or coffee filters.

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              oh that I think is pretty close to me, Ill go check it out, thanks