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Dec 30, 2001 08:29 AM

Taste is like a fingerprint

  • j

According to the Sommolier at The French Laundry, everyones taste is like a fingerprint. No two are alike. What one person likes another dislikes...and they are eating the same thing. One can not be faulted for eating what one enjoys. It is not a right and wrong issue it is a personal preference. I have had many wonderful meals at Patina and Valentino but have been disappointed at Melisse and Campanile and Vincenti. Johnathan Gold calls Joe's in Venice good diner food. I am not impressed with it any more either but the posts about it on this board are almost all raves. We are all correct if it our taste.

Poor service and sloppy preparation are not issues of personal preference. It is a fact though, that some people get better treatment than others at certain restaurants.

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  1. This is why I flinch every time someone asks for or recommends "the best."