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Feb 15, 2008 05:34 AM

Lunch Catering for College Park

Looking for something beyond the normal sandwich platter/pizza combos for lunch catering in the office. Am willing to consider any kind of food.

-20ish people
- diverse tastes
- one (fairly minor) nut allergy
- not too expensive.


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  1. You could find a West or East Indian shop in the area that would do a rotis for you. There's Coconut Grove near Dundas & University as a suggestion.

    If you're dead-set against sandwiches, feel free to ignore my suggestion of Pumpernickel's. They're located in the MaRS food court (College & Elizabeth), and are quite good.

    1. Lunch catering in the College/Yonge area:
      - Pi Tom on Alexander St, on light north does nice lunch specials if you're into thai
      - Ritz (curries, jerk chicken, callalou etc)
      - Sushi Sky (your basic sushi but their lunch specials are quite inexpensive)

      All the above could easily be done for $10/person or so.