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Feb 15, 2008 05:33 AM

[DFW] Need Rec - Romantic, less than $100, delicious..

Looking for a dinner spot in the Dallas/N.Dallas area for husband and I. Someplace romantic, good service, and delicious food. A fireplace would be lovely. Budget is $100 for two, including beverage. My favorite is Italian, but it's got to be amazing Italian for him to eat there. Some of our favorites are Oaklawn's Texas de Brazil, Kenny's Grill in Addison, Allesio's in Uptown area, but we want to try something new, something special, some place we won't feel rushed and can hold hands across a cloth covered table, enjoying coffee and talking on Saturday night. I would love to go to Roy's but it definitely isn't in the budget. Not sure about Ferrari's. Help?

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  1. Ferrari's is a solid choice for Italian in the area you mentioned. Also consider Mi Piaci, I think the atmosphere is a bit more upscale/romantic than Ferrari's. Plus the housemade pastas are amazing.

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      I've seen Mi Piaci and have wanted to go. But is it cozy and romantic. The pictures don't seem so.

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        Hmmm... I don't know about cozy, but I thought it was romantic. There's a great view onto some fountains behind the restaurant if you get one of the back tables.
        If you're interested in BYO options, consider Amici's in downtown Carrollton. With live music, that might be more the "romantic" you're looking for.

    2. Adelmo's is a great choice for Italian /Mediterranean.

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        Adelmo's is great and I'd also like to throw in a rec for The Grape. The last time we went, we ordered an appetizer, two small entrees (and the small was plenty of food) and a dessert. Husband had a martini and a glass of wine, I had two glasses of wine. Including tip, it was around $100 and we were not rushed at all.

      2. Halfbaked,

        There is Amici's in Downtown Carrollton (Beltline @ 35) that is supposed to be awesome not sure if you can get out of there for under $100. Also I have heard Aboca's in Richardson has hearty portions and I am sure if you ask nicely that the owner could throw down a white table cloth and put up a candle. I know for sure you can get out of there for under $50 but I have been told groups might like it on Saturday night late (might go early). Arcodoro Y Pomodoro is real good and is quiet and romantic at least where I sat it was. I have included the links to all the recs. I also heard that Pietros on Lower Greenville (Richmond St) was good...classic Italian

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          Try Bistro Nous. We have been a couple of times and really enjpyed it.

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            ok, checking that now. i was hoping for a suggestion other than Italian. yes, that's my fave... but not hubby's and i really want him to enjoy dinner as much as he enjoys being with me. *wink*

            oh, bistro nous is the new place that just opened next to Albertson's behind Mi Cocina. What have you had that you've enjoyed?

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              Zoom on Frankford at the Tollway....ask the owner Tess Nguyen for suggestions....know what you would like (i.e. chicken, beef, duck, vegetable or seafood). Tell her hot you want it and she can suggest something. I think it is a quiet place, quite hip, not sure about table cloths, never spent over $75 with drinks (try the thai iced tea) included (got the fried fish one time). I am a chili head so I tend to like everything hotter than most can handle. I haven't had a bad dish there and I would recommend the soups especially given tomorrow's forecast. Hopefully they still won't have the Valentines menu (that was bad...take back my previous comment on bad things)


        2. Terillis in Frisco has good Italian. It's dark, white tablecloth, etc. And they have these great booths with curtains around them for privacy.

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            We are actually going there tomorrow night ( Bistro Nous) we are going with a group of 10 friends. We have enjoyed the Lamb and the steak and they also do this warm spinach sald that is outstanding. We like it because it seems like a cozy little French bisto and it's not over priced.

          2. Thank you so much for all the recs. We are headed to The Grape. I've heard a lot about how romantic this place is and the menu looks perfect for us. Any additional information from those of you've who have enjoyed meals here is appreciated.


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              In the future you may also want to consider Lavendou, on Preston. I had forgotten all about it, but went on Friday. It was just as I remember, outstanding food (mussels for an app. and a wonderful steak au poivre for me and escargot and a fabulous veal dish for my SO), amazing waiter (he remembered the martini) and a very romantic atmosphere.

              Do not go to Bistro Nous!!!! The food was awful last time I went. The ceviche was warm, which is scary and gross. I ordered the fish dish from the menu and received the special, which my SO ate. And the steak my SO ordered was burnt on the outside, which is tough to do when the inside is rare.

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                the lamb "tartines" are a wonderful appetizer. Crusty rounds of bread with shredded lamb, carmelized onions, and blue cheese. A "classic" Grape appetizer from the previous owners is the calamari. It's exceptional if you like fried calamari. Very tender and it has a sweet and spicy sauce. It's not on the menu any more, but it's offered as a special most of the time. The cheese/meat plate is also very good and generously portioned. There is usually a "cheese of the day" with a wine suggestion for pairing. The cheese selection isn't daring, but it's well-chosen and high quality.

                Entrees change monthly. My husband and myself almost always get the small option of whatever we order. It's always enough. Plus, that way you leave room for the yummy desserts. Creme brulee sound boring, but it's a classic here and done exceptionally well.

                The only thing I'd advise against ordering is the mushroom soup. It's OK, but doesn't really compare to the other things on the menu.

                FYI, in the bar from 5-7, they have happy hour with selected wines and appetizers on special. It's a great deal for a light meal.