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Feb 15, 2008 05:21 AM

Love Salvadoran/Mexican Places -- Want to try new one!

I have been to Samantha's, Sergio's Place, and Los Churros. I am jonzing for some mexi/salvadoran tonight and would love your insight as to a new place to try. As for the above, they are all excellent in their own right and each do different things better than others
1. Ceviche is best at Samantha's
2. Pupusas are best at Sergio's
3. Cabbage served with pupusas is best at Samantha's
4. Breadth of menu is best at Los Churros.
5. Parking is easiest at Los Churros.
I could go on but you get the point. I like each of these restaurants a lot but would love to see if you think I am missing somewhere stand out.

Caveats--must be a real restaurant where I can sit down and enjoy a meal (I love Irene's but not up for eating dinner in a diner tonight). Want to stay in Silver Spring, Wheaton, or Takoma area. Menu must be Salvadoran and Mexican as husband prefers the Mexican side of things (he's happy as long as he is eating fajitas).

I have read positive things about El Golfo and Nopalito . . .

Look forward to your recs!

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  1. I don't think they have the Mexican side of things too much, but I believe the name of the place is El Pulgarcito, and it's on Elkin, south of University. I haven't had it now in a couple of years, but I know it was still there as of Christmas. I've always had great meals there.

    1. I love the combanation platers at El Nopalito, especially the one with the duck tamale. Your husband should go for the ribs.

      1. If you're ever in NoVa I really like El Paso Cafe

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          Where's El Paso cafe? What's good there?

          1. re: Potomac Bob

            It's in Ballston on N Pershing. I like the ceviche (huge portion), the pupusas, the lobster enchiladas when they have them (they're a special), the fajitas, the carne asada, pretty much everything. There's a whole page of Salvadoran specials.

          2. Yesterday I had lunch at Moroni & Brothers for the first time. It's on the 4800 block of Georgia Avenue in Columbia Heights/Petworth [less than ten minute drive into DC from SS]. It's owned by Salvadoreans who worked their way up at Pizzaria Paradiso [even opening the Georgetown location]. My "Parma" pizza was great [perfectly browned crust] and my dining companion had a quesadilla. There weren't even crumbs left on either plate. Dessert was a plantain empanada (fried plantain filled with cream). They open at 7:00 a.m. and the breakfast menu looks substantial. They may be closed on Sunday, call before you drive. Here's their website [dine-in menu is the same as carryout menu on-line] and WaPo profile:

            1. Lydia--I was so confused by your post as it seemed by the name that it was exclusively a pizza place. I checked the menu and saw that they do have mexi/salvadorean specialities but frankly--I might just go for the pizza as there isn't any good pizza near me!

              Also, by way of an update--we went to Sergio's again and again it was delicious. The ceviche was improved from my last visit and the friend we brought was very impressed. I will definitely try Nopalito though next time. Thanks for the recs!