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Feb 15, 2008 05:18 AM

Where to Dine in Denver (only 1 night)

Hello everyone. I'll be in Denver on a saturday night. Four guys looking for a great dinner. Would prefer not to wear tie or sport coat. Seafood and or steaks would be good. Thanks in advance...

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  1. Will you be downtown/ Central Denver area or does location matter? I can't think of too many places where a tie or sport coat is required or you would feel out of place if you are not wearing one.

    All the big steak chains are here and you can't go wrong with Capital Grill or The Palm if price is not too much of a concern. A great local steakhouse (IMO) is Elways- there is now one downtown and the original is in Cherry Creek area. If you are looking for a more moderate steak place The Keg and Chophouse are near Coors Field downtown. For seafood I would reccomend Jax or Oceanaire.

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      price doesn't matter, we will be staying alittle south of downtown but we have a car so location doesn't matter. how is Del Friscos?

    2. The Trail Dust Steakhouses offer great steaks and a fun atmosphere. There are 2 in the Denver area. They do have a tie policy - if you wear one they will cut it off!

      Jerry Saywell

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        The Trail Dust in Westminster is no more. I don't know about the one down south.

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          I have yet to make it to Del Friscos but I think it is similiar to the other high end steak places.

          (FYI - I believe there is only one Trail Dust in Denver now- the one on Westminster closed last year)

        2. Del Frisco's is very good, but I prefer Elway's in Cherry Creek. From the Tech Center to get to Cherry Creek, go north on I-25 and exit at Colorado Blvd. North again to 1st Avenue then left (west) on 1st. 1st will curve a little to the right in a few blocks. You are now driving beside Cherry Creek Mall. Elway's is toward the west end of the mall near Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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          1. Hi Kevin...I'll have to put up another vote for Elways and Del Frisco, correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but I think a nice collared shirt or sweater and dress pants could pass almost anywhere in Denver. Del Friscos has always had the inside the restaurant industry reputation for one of the best steaks in Denver. Along with Restauranteurs, it's also a popular place the pro athletes and other who's whos of Denver. Del Frisco's is more classic and standard steakhouse fare than Elways with a similiar menu to Chophouse's, Cap Grill, Keg, etc. If your looking for a refined classic environment, you can't beat Del Friscos. I've actually Managed for the owner of Elways at another local concept. The executive chef of Elways is very creative. You'll find a great creative twist to the classic steakhouse, like Bone-In fillet's and Homemade Ding Dongs or cheesecake lollipops for dessert. Order the Shrimp cocktail and you will find the plumpest, most lucious shrimp with the most absurdly eye watering cocktail sauce. They have a great selection of Seafood and reasonably priced high end wines as well. I'll second Jax for best and most local fish house around. Best of Luck! Please let us know what you thought.

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              Re "The executive chef of Elways is very creative." The exec chef is Tyler Wiard, who has cooked at some of Denver's best restaurants, and elevates the appetizers and sides above the usual over-sized, over-priced dishes found at other steakhouses.

              The Fort is a great suggestion, and so too is the Buckhorn Exchange. Both are Denver classics and unlike Del Frisco's, aren't found in half-a-dozen other places across the country.

            2. Oh one more idea if you looking for authentic Colorado a little outside of Denver. I honestly haven't been there, but have heard consiently decent things. The Fort in Morrison offers game meat and other old west style food.