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Dec 29, 2001 06:47 PM

Chinese dish from Singapore?

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I'm looking for a place that serves a dish my friend had several times when she lived in Indonesia. It is served in Singapore for Chinese New Year. It is made up of raw fish, coconut, peanuts, and other things she couldn't remember. It is served cold and tossed at your table. The higher it is tossed the better your luck.

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    Sushi Gourmet

    What you're describing is called "Yee Sang" or literally translated to "live fish". It is a celebratory dish served only during Chinese New Year and as far as I'm aware of found in restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore.

    The only restaurant I've seen it served here in the US is "Penang" the one located in Edison NJ. You best bet is to check around m'sian restaurants.

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      Actually, raw fish would be a closer translation of yee sang.

      It's available at a few Chinese restaurants in San Francisco all year round, sans coconut. I can vouch for the versions at Kirin and Bon Hon. You can read posts about them at the url and link below.

      Sam Wo also makes this, but I have not had it there for several years.