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Feb 15, 2008 03:55 AM

Where to stop before/after Tappanzee Bridge

My family is driving from Cambridge MA to Lancaster PA (again) on Saturday Feb 16: about 8 hours trapped in a car together. We need somewhere to eat lunch. Husband requires easy-on, easy-off, fast service. Wife and teenage daughter need clean food preferably involving more veggies and less grease. We come down 684 to the Saw Mill Pkwy, to 87 tp 287 south.

We used to stop at a huge dinner (Blue Ribbon?) but have gotten sick of it. Any suggestions appreciated. Does Ginger and Spice in Mahwah NJ fit the bill?

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  1. elbedone - Whenever we make our "drives" up to Boston we find it convenient to stop at the Palisades Center. They have a Cheesecake Factory and a Dave and Busters for the kids. See the multitude of the other restaurants here (it is BTW one of the largest shopping centers in the US): If you don't get enough responses, I would move the thread to the TriState Board.

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      I'll agree with the Palisades Center, but for Legal Seafoods, plus the chance to walk around a bit, which should be welcome at this point in the trip. (Does run the risk of not being very "easy-on, easy-off" for the husband, if the wife and daughter get distracted by other stuff in the mall.

    2. I believe this falls in the parameters of easy-on and easy-off highway access. It's a short trip off 287, but if you would like a real nice relaxing meal. this is a fantastic place in a building steeped with's also a Peter Kelly restaurant. If you are an Iron Chef America fan, he recently defeated Bobby Flay on the show.

      If your return is on Sunday, they have a wonderful Sunday Brunch and Sunday Evening Family Dinner(Roast Chicken).

      BTW, any of his other restaurants are also excellent for lunch or dinner.

      Restaurant X and The Bully Boy Bar
      Congers, New York

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        Sorry......I passed over the fast service criteria.

        If your wish is to stop in or around Mahwah, there are four local restaurants, three are on Franklin Turnpike and one is on Island Road off Franklin Turnpike. all are easily accessible off 287.

        Mahwah Bar and Grill is a typical NJ pub type atmosphere known for their burgers and sandwiches.

        Roxanne's is a thin crust pizza family dining spot. Very good pizza and individual or family size dinner portions. For your dining requests, I recommend the family sized salads and splitting an entree or pizza.

        Kinchley's Tavern is known for the best pizza in the area, but I will tell you it is resting on an old and tired reputation. Still good, but Roxanne' is better on all counts in my opinion. Both Kinchley's and Roxanne's are rustic Italian.

        Last for Mahwah, Look See Cafe is a reliable spot for Chinese. Although I have not been to in recent years, the food is old school Cantonese, which is very hard to find anymore.

        For Convenience, if you head down NJ State Highway 17 South through Mahwah and into Ramsey, the next town over,....loop around North on Route 17 and there is a Chili's, Romano's Macaroni Grill and a Houlihan's. I realize these are all chains and verboten to many, but I recently had an Ahi Tuna Sashimi Salad at Houlihan's which was excellent and recommended.

        If you can travel another 25 minutes south on 287, Parsippany and Route 46 have similar NJ Diners as Route 17. There's a Fuddrucker's Hamburger, Noodle Chu for Chinese, Applebee's, Longhorn's Steakhouse and Harold's Deli for over-sized stuffed Pastrami and Corned Beef. Harold's and Noodle Chu have history on this site.

        Just past Parsippany is NJ State Highway 10. West there is a Chevy's Mexican and a Place called Minado, a Japanese-Chinese-Korean Buffet. I normally would never recommend an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, but the offerings for Sushi and all other items are good quality.....nothing cheap. The fresh fruits and desserts are very good as well...........East on Route 10 there is The Original Pancake House. It's one of the best breakfast chains I have been to anywhere in the country in my travels. I believe they are open until 3:00 PM. West of 10 is Morris Plains, East of 10 is Whippany.

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          O you folks are wonderful. I am sooo much more optimistic now. When I do the trip alone, I go out to Poughkeepsie and have a wonderful dinner with my sister, then make the next leg the next day. But husband is from the drive-til-we-get-there school. Your suggestions help.

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            shoot, I never thought to look under "tri-state," just "mid-atlantic." What a dim bulb. Thanks.

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              That's okay. We are a friendly bunch here and are always happy to help.