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Feb 14, 2008 09:02 PM

Cajun shack in Las Vegas mentioned on NPR

OK, for any Las Vegans who listen to NPR, here's your assignment:

The restaurant reviewer on the morning news show seems to have good instincts (although I'm so new to town I've only heard two or three reviews). Well, this am I was late turning on the radio and caught only the second half of his review. He was talking about BarBQ at some Cajun place somewhere......and how it was much better than RUB at half the price. OK, I want to eat there. But I never caught the name of the place...Cajun Shack maybe?? Does this ring a bell with anyone?? Anyone ever eaten there?

The quest for good Q continues....

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  1. maybe big mama's rib shack and soul food on bonanza ?

    the only other bbq places that get decent reviews are Buzz and CJ's ( i've been to neither ) i have been to rub ..didn't impress me but i ate there the 1st week it was open so let's hope it's just working out the kinks

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    1. re: kjs

      hmmm....I think Cajun was somehow in the name of the place....I heard the name just as I turned on the radio but wasn't totally listening at that point. Note to radio reviewers: ALWAYS say the name of the place at the end of your report!!

      1. re: janetofreno

        Cajun BBQ Shack
        9620 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite #N8
        Las Vegas, NV 89123

        1. re: ValleyFever

          hmmmm. is this the old K bbq location - i heard they finally sold the place

          1. re: ValleyFever

            The website link you posted doesn't seem to be working now.

            1. re: masstech

              I just copied it from the NPR site. Use the first link.

              The cajunshack link says coming soon.

                1. re: Friend of Bill

                  I ate at Cajun BBQ Shack today. I must agree with Friend of Bill - beware of Curtas!

                  Cajun BBQ Shack doesn't even hold a candle to K's BBQ. They literally threw some dry meat on a styrofoam plate, slapped some bad bottled BBQ sauce on top of that, topped it off with a straight out of the package Aunt Hattie's hamburger bun and called it a sandwich. Their sides were mostly store bought syrupy Smart & Final or Costco specials. Bad!
                  It was terrible. Please don't waste your time or tastebuds. Also, the service was non-existent. We were not greeted by anyone when we walked in. We seated ourselves and then after 10 minutes of waiting around watching two girls behind the counter chit-chat to each other asked if we should order at the counter. She said yes. We ordered and the rest is a horrible excuse for a bbq joint. I can't even believe they have the audacity to serve this stuff.

                  R.I.P. K's, we hardly knew ye.


                  1. re: arcosdesign

                    I ate there last week, thinking it was still K's. (the sign still reads K's) The pork ribs were dry and stringy, a big let-down. BUT..The beef brisket was quite delicious and juicy, we wished we'd ordered just that! I'll try it again, just to see if they had an off-night last week.

                    BTW, I'm listening to NPR during the afternoon, on the way to work, from 2-3pm. There's a Vegas resto reviewer with them? I only knew about the food show they air on the weekends!

                    1. re: Honeychan

                      I'll second Poly's review, this is not a place I'd want to go again. There are a number of better choices for BBQ in Vegas.

                      1. re: Honeychan

                        I wanted to post a follow-up, to mention that I again tried the Cajun BBQ Shack this past weekend.

                        I have a -serious- beef (pun not intended) with this place now. Both times i've gone and ordered food, they have been OUT of biscuits! This was around 7pm. Now, if your BBQ joint makes the best biscuits in town, use that fact as a marketing tool! They have also shortened the menu, taking off, of all things..mashed potatoes and gravy! What the?? That's just..beyond puzzling. I thought those were the most popular sides to get in a BBQ joint? (okay, all you Southerners in Vegas who want to kick this California city-girl with her lack of BBQ knowledge..hold onto your hats!)

                        Yes, their brisket is very tasty still. The pulled pork was jucier this time, and their home-made sauce is quite good. This whole lack-of-sides, during the dinner-rush really rubbed me the wrong way. The 2 women working the place were unapologetic in their non-existant biscuit stock. Needless to say, I drove over to KFC, and got 6 biscuits there. Hey, I might not eat the chicken much, but I lovelovelove KFC's light biscuits.

                        I also think they are too pricey, for what they serve. $13.99 for a "platter" with meat and one side. For that price, I don't want to be told "no , we're out" on items. >_< I was steaming mad, if you coulden't tell.

                        Why not put a sign in your window up, saying you "sold out" of an item!? This could actually work in their favor. I for one...wouden't be so upset.

            2. re: janetofreno

              In short, BBQ in Las Vegas sucks. Shelli and I ate at Cajun BBQ last week. The brisket was decent. Likely the best brisket in Vegas and that's not saying much, but the ribs were chewy, fatty and tough. truly inedible. Sides okay, but it's hard to do anything wrong to candied yams.

              Rub has good qualities. Shelli loves the burnt ends. Not available anywhere else in town.

              Sad to say our favorite BBQ place in Vegas in a chain. Famous Daves on Rainbow and Lake Mead. Shelli's ribs are soft and tender every time. I love the wide range of different sauces they have. The brisket is cut too thin, but livable. Perfect sides!

              1. re: shamu613

                Have you tried T.C's Rib Crib on Desert Inn near Durango? They serve up the best ribs I've come across so far. Their pulled pork and sides are great, too.

                1. re: vegasjuhl

                  We have. Shelli thought their ribs were okay, but I had a combo of brisket and hot links. Most miserable and miserly portions of meat I've ever had. 2oz of each, weighed and served on butcher paper.

                  This ain't Texas and T.C.'s ain't no Kreutz. TWO MEASLY OUNCES!


                  1. re: shamu613

                    I'd agree with your general assessment of barbecue in Vegas... but I've had some great meats from TC's, and I think that Rub is way too overpriced to merit any consideration.

                    That said, I think expecting anything on the level of Kreuz or elsewhere in the central Texas barbecue triangle here in Vegas might be a stretch. I'm continually amazed at just how badly people can screw up something as simple as smoked meats.

          2. This is John Curtas (the restaurant critic for KNPR as well as yes it is Cajun BBQ Shack on south LV Blvd. way down near the SouthPointe Casino (tucked into tiny strip mall with an overmatched parking lot)...let me know what you think and please write me anytime at

            Best and bon appetit,

            John Curtas