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Feb 14, 2008 08:30 PM

Spoke Club New Chef?

I read online that Michael Potters is the new executive chef at the Spoke Club. I was wondering if anyone knows anything at all about the place ., worked there?, eaten there?.. anything. Thanks.

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  1. I went with my girlfriend and a friend. Had amazing oysters.
    It's a private club aimed at media/arts people in Toronto. They are making a serious effort to make it a destination place.
    Michael's brother John Paul is involved in F&B there. Good guy.

    1. I have managed several events there on behalf of their own members. The food has always been good, but frankly the service has always been lackadaisical. Left hands and right hands rarely seem to communicate, and so food we've ordered has come late for the events I've planned, details not communicated, confusion, never being able to find someone onsite who has the details or who is willing to take responsibility. I know they've been through several special event coordinators (they had a great one at the beginning, but she left) on their end, perhaps now with a new chef they will be addressing the other things. But the food itself has never been in question.

      The facility itself is interesting; on the top floors of what used to be Amsterdam brewery. They have a rooftop bar with glass walls that's quite stunning at sundown, a screening room that's terrific for small events (up to 30 people), some nice meeting space. They've just launched a redesign of some of the space, which I haven't seen. Parking in the neighbourhood can be an issue if there's any big event; there's street parking (hens teeth availability with Susur/Lee and clubs down the street!), and 2 lots around the corner up Portland.

      1. My info (from a member) suggests that Michael Potters (who is indeed there) is actually leaving at the end of March.

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          You are both correct/incorrect estufarian. Michael Potters is the executive chef and he does have a restaurant in Picton (Harvest) that he will be returning to after he has overseen the transition to a new (and quite amazing) menu.

          The food is quite good-beautiful subtle flavours, with no overkill and bullshit on the presentation. He's talented, no question. And contrary to what you say Goddess, the food in the past was actually very much in question.

          It's a new culture there in terms of management, and I forsee very good things happening in terms of both service and food. John Paul is also an excellent sommelier with quite an impressive wine list.

          1. re: estufarian

            Your information is wrong. Trust me. Chef Potters has the reins @ the new Spoke and will continue as the executive while continuing his resto, Harvest in Prince Edward county.

            1. I was a guest for dinner in the private dining room last night. Service was a little bumpy but good overall.

              The food was not remarkable. Potato garnish with the cod dish undercooked. Not enough seasonings and not hot enough. Blah presentation. Other diners in our party had the same reaction...

              Frites under seasoned as well and served with ketchup.WTF? How about a lemon thyme garnish like JKWB.

              Lovely space and atmosphere, but the food needs more tweaking IMHO.