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Feb 14, 2008 07:15 PM

Suggestions for adults w/17-year-old?

Our son is checking out LSU, but before we go to Baton Rouge, we're spending this Sunday and part of Monday in the French Quarter, staying nearby at the Hilton Garen Inn on Gravier Street. (At least it looks nearby on a map.) We're adventurous when it comes to dining and like seafood, etouffee, gumbo; our son, less so (no seafood). So we need recommendations on places that might please us all, preferably moderately priced. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know this hotel? Finally, must you be 21 to go into bars and hear good music? Thanks!

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  1. Palace Cafe, Brennan's, Irene's, Galatoire's, K-Paul's will be good bets. More meat and potatoes type places (but still have great food) are Mandina's, Bon Ton Cafe, Cochon - these places aren't in the quarter, but they aren't too far either. Uptown, hit Clancy's, Dick & Jenny's, Ignatius, Jacques Imo's, or Frankie & Johnny's. All these joints should have something to please everyone. They vary in terms of price and formality, so keep that in mind, too. I just wanted to throw out some lunch and dinner places.

    I've never stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, but I've never heard anything bad about it. I guess that's a good thing.

    Geaux Tigers!!!