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Feb 14, 2008 06:25 PM

La Hechizera - taqueria in N. Dallas

Hubby and I have really been craving taqueria food lately, so last weekend after reading's Mexican on Maple (huge fan!) I headed to one that he listed as being the most popular (i.e. BEST) La Hechizera on Inwood from my cozy little condo in Bent Tree Forest area. It was Saturday around 4 and omg, what an experience. Finding it was crazy as I was looking for this blue building - read the article to see why. Place was packed - standing room only and I being the whitest white girl some of them have seen in a while. I got to practice my 1 semester of high school spanish - cashier was real impressed.
The quesadilla was exactly as it was described - "raw masa is formed into a pocket, filled with meat (chorizo, in this case) and quesillo, squeezed shut, then deep fried." -- I thought I'd died and went to Mexiheaven! Also got the huarache - pronounced warochay. It's like a huge sope with meat, cheese, avocado and crema on top - delish.
Ok, this is all great, right? But what does it have to do with a taqueria in N. Dallas.
After getting home I did a little more searching for taquerias near home.. and boy did it take some digging to find one!! But find one I did and it happened to be the new north side little sister to La Hechizera on the south side of town. What luck? This place turns out to be a min-chain known for their tortas. No doubt their popularity encouraged by D Magazine voting their pablano torta one of the best in the city. At less than 5 blocks away this was probably my best bet, so off we went.
Hubby had the fajita taco and I had the tacos al pastor. Only 1 tortilla and the cilantro/onion were already garnishing the tacos when they were served. But I'm not complaining as that's exactly the way I like it. Only disappointment was no grilled jalapeno like the ones at La Parilla on Harry Hines, buy with a little squeeze of lime the pork turned into a sublime, tangy and totally satisfying mouthful. The fajita meat a nice beefy flavor enhanced by the toothy onion and tortilla. I am hooked! See you there.

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  1. Halfbaked,

    Also the Chapparito in the same shopping center and La Hechizera has some awesome Guiso Verde de Res on a lunch special. They actually use some spice in it. It is Tex-Mex but it is family owned and run. One way you can tell is the bozo bike horn they have to tell the waitresses/waiter the meals are ready. Food was awesome and the horn cracked me up!

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      SS, I too am a fan of Chaparrito's. They have the best sopapillas!

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        Thanks for the rec. I saw the place and was wondering...
        I rarely eat chain restaurants and never fast food, so am always looking for new affordable, delicious, local places

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          Well since you are in the Addison and looking for affordable....I have quite a few. I used to work in Addison but have since moved back to Preston Center. A place for great lunches was La Spiga Bakery on Lindberg. It is about two or three buildings off the intersection of Midway @ Lindberg and is on the north side of the street. They have great sandwiches and their potato soup is pretty awesome especially this time of year. If you go around 3 or 4 you get all the loaves of bread that were made that day for half off.

          I liked Carmine's Pizzeria on Spring Valley & Montfort.....not to be confused with the Carmine's on Coit & Campbell...this was the first restaurant and I think the guys that work their are actually Italian...last time I went they were watching soccer a majority of time I was there (an Italian team).

          I would sometimes go to August Moon for chinese buffet but now that I have had Frist Chinese BBQ and the like it is hard to go back but August Moon was just a notch above most chinese places in the area including May's (Not sure who keeps voting that as the Best of Dallas in the Observer?).

          Queen of Sheba was a great little place that has Ethiopian cuisine a bit pricey but it is different for the area.

          Not to far away from Valley View Mall is Cafe Greek...I like the lunch buffet (typical Greek) and it is a bit more spread than India Palace (I personally don't care for India Palace other love it....I have had better luck in Irving at Pasand).

          The better Greek place in the same shopping center is Charlie's Opa Grill. Eveything I have had at Opa Grill has been excellent.

          Shanghai Rstaurant is in the same shopping center has been reviewed on CH under the quest for xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in Dallas.

          Not to far away in Carrollton is Seabose for cheap frsh sushi and is to go only. Donnaaries review

          Best place for Vietnamese is in Carrollton on Beltline @ Josey the area is littelr with Pho places and Pho Pastuer is probably the most consistent. If you are in that area please stop into First Chinese BBQ for a great tast of authentic Chinese (or real close to it). Donna and I have some great recs on what to order if you do go....warning - it is habit forming to go there especially for roast duck and pork.

          This should get you started!!

      2. I really enjoy the la hechizera on maple. If you like tortas, give the panbazo (sp?) a try. It's basically a grilled sandwich dipped in a chile sauce. Their carnitas are a pretty good topping for their various items. There's not a lot of crispy ends, but it's all very tender and porky.

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          I have more to say, because they keep making me happy. This piggy backs off of a short post in the best restaurant in Dallas thread.

          Sure, there's things they could do better. Considering some of what they do with masa, i'd expect better tostada shells than the mass market ones, but what they pile on top is delicious. And while I kind of frown upon the plain shredded lettuce they top everything with, mixing the delicious crema, white cheese and their seriously full flavored red salsa together makes a great salad. Here's my recs, though i haven't checked the spelling:

          Huerache: a masa "boat" filled with piles of the meat of your choice, avacado, crema and queso blanco. Huge. Can feed two relatively hungry people. I hear the boat part of these reheat terribly, so don't try to save it. The Tlacoyo is similar. I think they're supposed to be smaller, but based on the price, this must not be true at La Hechizera.

          Quesadilla: Not a tortilla, but masa stuffed with your choice of filling and deep fried, like a fried pie, or pasty. It's what a pupusa dreams of being.

          Panbazo: I'm not sure how you're supposed to eat these, as they're basically a torta soaked in red sauce, but they're delicious. It's like a Mexican French dip, but the bread doesn't actually get soggy. I prefer this over their tortas because it adds some excitement to their bread, which isn't bad, just nothing to write home about.

        2. I'm not sure if all of these are the same company.

          Tortas La Hechizera
          13531 Montfort Dr Ste 127, Dallas, TX 75240

          Torta La Hechizera
          119 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208

          La Hechizera
          2425 W Walnut St Ste 200, Garland, TX 75042

          La Hechizera
          2201 W Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, TX

          la hechisera
          dallas, tx, dallas, tx

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            Thanks for the report back on La Hechizera. It sounds awesome and you always go to the one on Maple close to Inwood? Sounds like a plan for this next week's lunch from the Preston Center! I have hurraches at several places and some do them right and some are just awful. The quesadillas sound tempting as does the panbazo!

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              Yes, the inwood location is the only one I've been to. I'll admit that this is my only experience with a hurrache. If you find that others are better, please share.

          2. The original comment has been removed