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Feb 14, 2008 05:54 PM

Sushi Yasuda Review

My boyfriend and I were in NY last weekend for dinner at Sushi Yasuda. I just wanted to write up a quick review:

-It's kind of unromantic. Since we couldn't be together for Valentine's Day, Sushi Yasuda was supposed to be our substitute Valentine's Day going-out meal together. I do not recommend Yasuda for a date. The blonde wood is beautiful, but it's also kind of clinical. We had reservations at 6:30 and were told we had to leave by 8:00. And even though we finished our meal before 8:00, there wasn't time to linger over the menu or enjoy each other's time after the meal.

-They rush you. Our waitress was nice, but she came back to our table every 2 minutes to try to take our order. And after every dish, she would come and quickly bus everything off our table. She placed the check at our table before the end of the meal, and kept on asking us if we wanted to order more sushi. I've never felt so rushed at a restaurant before and found it really annoying.

-Our waitress was also a little OCD. At one point, she rearranged my chopsticks on the stone chopstick holder even though it was fine where it was.

-However, I'd probably go back for the sushi. The food was sublime -- just the best cuts of fish on beds of perfectly marinated sushi rice. It's a good lunch place and a good place to take friends, but not the best place for a romantic night out. Order everything and anything the chef recommends, especially the toro. Dinner cost $160 for two people. We ordered the Sushi/Sashimi Prix Fixe dinner, and then all different kinds of sashimi and sushi.

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  1. If you had a waitress, you did not have the best Yasuda has to offer. You are, of course, correct on the romantic part. Yasuda is sterile. It is not a place I would take a date to for ambiance/romance. If it is a foodie date (my favorite) Yasuda is, of course amongst the top choices.

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      you still have a waitress when you sit at the bar too. as for the op's review, pretty spot aint romantic...its just a temple to sushi.

      1. re: sam1

        I possibly stand corrected. I was assuming they were ordering sushi through the waiters and were just sitting at a table. I don't use chopsticks when eating at Yasuda and that may be the reason why the waiters don't stop by my station often as described in the OP.

        1. re: tpigeon

          Do you prefer not to get sashimi there then?

          1. re: MMRuth

            Never really got it. I just do omikase with Yasuda and eat whatever he sends out.

            1. re: tpigeon

              Sorry - didn't mean to be obtuse! I've not eaten at the sushi bar and didn't realize he didn't send out sashimi - I was trying to figure out how you were eating sashimi w/o chopsticks! Getting a seat in front of him is on our "to do" list!

              1. re: MMRuth

                He might send out sashimi, he just never did it with me. I did hear there are some sashimi choices there...I could be wrong.

    2. I see that rearranging of the chopsticks at a lot of Japanese restaurants (my husband's, of course - grin!), so I'm not sure how OCD it is. I believe there is a certain protocol as to how one is supposed to place one's chopsticks - in one direction and not another. I've fortunately never felt rushed, though I have made a reservation and been told that they needed the table by a certain time. Glad you enjoyed the food!

      1. I've never felt rushed there; they just want to serve you. Every time I've gone (all bar and all omakase except one with family) I was just told a time I had to be out by (always reasonable) and that was it. I like the attention actually. I've always wanted my own little Japanese servant who is impeccably groomed and cleans everything in seconds. Woops did that slip?

        1. the best! i was lucky enough to be served by chef Yasuda himself and it was fantastic. the fish of course was great but what really cought my attention was how well the rice was prepared. i have never had better sushi

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          1. re: drepp

            I got to try it this week and was also fortunate to sit in front of chef Yasuda. The meal was wonderful and he was friendly and very helpful. There were some pieces that I have never tried before, like the trout and a couple of the salmon and all were great.

            A truly great experience sitting at the bar in front of chef Yasuda.