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Feb 14, 2008 05:47 PM

Dinner Clubs in NYC ?

I'm looking to join a dinner club in NYC ... anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Hi. Here are some ones that I know of (not all total dining ones per se)
    New York Social Network http://www.newyorksocialnetwork.com (they have other events too, I'm going to the Steakhouse dinner on the 25th
    )New York City Pepperheads http://hotnspicy.meetup.com/42/
    4 Foodies http://www.4foodiesusa.com/
    The NY Foodie Club http://diningout.meetup.com/341/

    Happy Eating!

    1. I just went to something kind of similar, found it through www.soupnextdoor.com. Wasn't exactly a dinner club, but a dinner party at a chef's house. It was less commitment than a full on club (see, eg, Supper Club Inc's prices and interview requirements).

      1. What precisely is a dinner club, mlr? I recognise the term, but I honestly don't know what it entails.

        1. I generally subscribe to the Groucho Marx philosophy about clubs:


          That said, I'd advise you to check out Um Segredo.