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Dec 28, 2001 01:27 PM

Looking for guava paste

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I am trying to make some guava cream cheese pastries since I got a little hooked on them when we were vacationing in Miami. I know there is a Cuban community in the Silverlake area, but I sent my mom to seek some out and she failed.

If there are any Cuban markets in north Orange County that would be great, otherwise a Cuban market in the Silverlake area will work out just as well.

On a side note, would it work on guava jelly? I am just trying to follow a recipe I found and it asked for guava paste.


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  1. The small Mexican grocers in the SF Bay Area all stock guayaba paste. I'd imagine that you could find it in similar stores in LA too.

    1. You should try the Guava pastries at Cafe Tropical on Sunset. They are good! especially when freshly made in the morning.

      1. Perhaps Portos(Cuban)Bakery in Glendale could help you
        #818 956-5996

        1. 1. Guava jelly will not work. The texture is too different.
          2. Any Latin market will carry guava paste. The major labels importing are from Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia (also Brazil). In Spanish, it's called dulce de guayaba (I don't know the portuguese name). La Gioconda brand from Argentina is good. Mexicans call it ate de guayaba.
          3. If for some reason the market is out, they will probably also carry dulce de membrillo (Port. Marmelo) which is quince paste. Guava paste was developed in Latin America as a substitute for quince paste. If for some strange reason, you are far from any latin market (I'm sure there are tons in Santa Ana), the French name is pate de coing, and the Hungarian name is birzsalmasajt. In any case, you can substitute the quince paste for the guava paste (and of course, vice versa). I do know that La Espanola in Harbor City sells quince paste and even sells a diabetic friendly version if you want to try making the dessert for someone with a sugar intolerance.

          Good luck.

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            Catalina Market, WEstern just south of Santa Monica Blvd (East side of street, parking in back).

          2. porto's bakery in glendale on brand avenue