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Feb 14, 2008 05:38 PM

Is dip as good as I hear?

A few people told me dip had excellent fondue. does it? And, I heard the food and drinks are good too. I plan on going this Saturday. Would it be a waste of my time?

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  1. Yes. Go to Artisanal instead.

    1. All the reviews I've read paid extra special attention to the horrible service, and chintzy amount of bread given to dip with. Where did you hear the food was good? I think it gets a certain Murray Hill spill over crowd at certain times of the week, so it might have a pick up scene if that's what you want.

      1. i would never say this place is good but if you are in the area then stop by. definitely not worth a trip. the food is nothing great. it is a bar with a restaurant, fondue is their gimmick. there are much better places to go.

        1. Their fondue was just ok. But it might be a moot point because I walked by the other day and the place looks shut down for good.

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            Dip kinda sucks (sucked?). I went there once. I didn't leave thinking "never again." But it certainly never made me want to hop in a cab and go back. Artisanal is only a few blocks away, so you should go there instead. There are a lot better places for fondue in the city. Like... all of them.

            1. re: kpsquared

              It wouldn't be the first time they shut down and reopened. The place is a ghost town most of the time, with the staff hanging around outside smoking cigarettes.

              Kind of a shame, because a casual fondue bar should be amazing just from the concept alone.

            2. Thank you for the feedback. I guess I'll try my hand at making my own :)