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Feb 14, 2008 05:18 PM


Since I write a restaurant blog, I thought it might be a good idea to skip the Zagat numbers and Yelp, et al. stars and just ask: What are the top five restaurants in your neighborhood within ten average walking blocks from your front door? If you cab it, it's too far.

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  1. In Windsor Terrace: Rhythm & Booze for burgers; Hot Diggity Dog for hotdogs; Crossroads Cafe for coffee, soup and sandwiches; Windsor Cafe for a decent dinner breakfast; and once in a while, Elora's for Spanish takeout. Haven't been to Enzo's, the new brick oven pizza place yet. The neighborhood is fairly limited food wise.

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    1. re: Claire

      YIKES! Fairly limited is right--I wouldn't eat in any of those places except Elora's. Elora's has great Cuban/Puerto Rican/Spanish food, best roast pork in town. Enzo's brick oven pizza was decent, crust could've been crunchier. Dub Pies is good at what they do.

      But hey, if you eat hot dogs and other foodlike substances, I guess you'll eat anywhere.

      1. re: culprit

        Rhythm & Booze has very good burgers. Terrace Bagels is also very good.

        1. re: MRich

          I agree, Rhythm & Booze has amazing burgers.

        2. re: culprit

          Spare me the "foodlike substances." A great hot dog is a delicacy, and while Hot Diggity Dog's franks are no Nathan's, they're pretty good. I think Dub Pies are awful.

        3. re: Claire

          Loss of Lonelyville from the WT is huge - not that the coffee was great but it served a purpose (and was much better than Crossroads IMO). And does anyone think that any of the Indian/Thai/Japanese joints in the hood are worth the walk? (Any love for Sushi Yu from anyone other than me and my bf?) Also, Lia's Soups (the once and future Lia's Ices) - anyone tried the soup?

          1. re: tempehtempeh

            The coffee at Lonelyville was good, better than Crossroads, I agree, but the food was awful and one of the owners never stopped talking. I don't think any of the Thai/Indian/Japanese places are worth the walk. I've been to Sushi Yu and it's okay, not great. I tried Lia's Soups a few weeks ago. The black been soup was terrific--that place is worth the walk.

            1. re: Claire

              So, I moved to Windsor Terrace recently. I really, really like the burgers at Rhythm and Booze. I also dig the pizza at Bene on PPSW. The vodka slice, while nothing to write home about, is super tasty. And have you been to the burrito place on PPW? It's pretty fine, too. The neighborhood's not going to win any food awards (for Pete's sake: I take the subway to Trader Joe's for groceries!), but there are a few good finds.

              Rhythm and Booze
              1674 10th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

              Bene Pizzeria
              157 Prospect Park SW, Brooklyn, NY 11218

              1. re: lizisinflatbush

                Hi neighbor. Rhythm & Booze makes a great burger. Bene is okay to eat in; their delivery pies are always awful, I don't why that is. There's a new place on PPW called Le P'tit Paris Bistro that I've heard great things about; I like the little pies at Enzo's; and I love the dogs at Hot Diggity Dog. So food wise, things are looking up in our little hood.

                1. re: lizisinflatbush

                  Hi neighbor.

                  I also like R&B's burgers. You can't mean burritos at Clements. You must mean Elora's?

                  7th ave has some good stuff too, some of which is worth the walk.

                  1. re: MRich

                    I agree, Clement's isn't worth the trouble. I forgot to mention Fez Cafe. I like the food and in the summer sitting the garden is lovely.

          2. I'm in Jackson Heights: Sripaphai; Unidentified Flying Chicken (UFC); Zabb Queens; Arunee Thai; urm...any of the Indian/Bangladeshi restaurants around 74th St - I can't choose one!

            1. In Astoria Queens:

              Trattoria L'Incontro - Italian
              Watawa - Sushi
              Taverna Kyklodes - Greek
              Cavo (scene) - Green/Fusion
              Momento (with new owner) - Italian

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              1. In Forest Hills: Nick's Pizza, Sushi Yasu, Munch Cafe, Corfu. I know it's supposed to be five places, but the other eateries around me aren't very "top" list worthy.

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                  1. re: KiwiGirl625

                    I'm in FH too and can't come up with a top 5 within walking distance. I'm with you KiwiGirl on Nick's and Sushi Yasu, and the only one I'd add is 5 Burro. I can only mention 3. I wish I could add Danny Brown's but that is too far away. That is the best restaurant in FH.

                    Hmm, Munch Cafe and Corfu? I've been to both and wasn't all that impressed.

                    1. re: pellegrino31

                      I admit that Munch and Corfu aren't that stellar, but I'd consider them "top" compared to the other offerings in the neighborhood. Munch's veggie wraps are great for a small, healthy lunch, and Corfu's gyros hit the spot when when I don't want to be as healthy and am craving greasy junk food.

                      I ordered take-out from Q once and was not pleased. My walnut and goat cheese salad was literally swimming in dressing, and the noodle dish I got was nothing special. Is it a different experience if I eat at the restaurant?

                      1. re: KiwiGirl625

                        Yeah, I really think eating there makes all the difference. I ordered once from Q too and was unimpressed. Although I think that my problem was the amount of time it took TakeoutConnection to get to me so it was not as hot as it should have been.

                    2. re: KiwiGirl625

                      No Dirty Pierre's by the lirr. The burgers are great there.

                      1. re: me1234

                        absolutely! although I think we need to extend to Metro so we can include Danny Browns..........

                    3. Cab? What's a cab? I've never been in a cab in my life and I lived in Brookly until I moved to London at 18...

                      Well, within 10 blocks is very harsh given that I'm/I was in Dyker Bensonhurst so... Howabout within walking distance? My walking distance would be 1. Di Fara Pizzeria (20-30 min walk) 2. John's Deli (20 min) 3. L&B Pizza (20) 4. Gino's Foccacceria (super close) 5. Meze (very good Greek and I'd put it higher if I wasn't too lazy to change my first 4) 6. Aunt Butchie's (very very close) 7. Pizza at the bakery next door to my house (74th and 13th Av) 8. -Insert Italian on Avenue U here-

                      Oh, it's top 5! Woops.

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                      1. re: JFores

                        a 30 minute hike's quite a trek for pizza.

                        And beaten down, dented town cars count as cabs. :)

                        1. re: eateryrow

                          Not when it's Di Fara. I used to do that walk once or twice a week.

                          1. re: eateryrow

                            You, obviously, haven't been to DiFara's.

                          2. re: JFores

                            John's Deli on Stillwell? Or John's Deli on 5th Avenue?

                                1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                                  Meant to say X. My mistake and yes, a few.

                                    1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                                      I live in Rego Park, right near the Forest Hills border. Top 5 within a 10 minutes walk ....London Lennie's, PJ's Steakhouse, Woodhaven House...hmmmm I'll include the Shalimar Diner and Cheburechnaya (my boys love it, I'm not so hot on it...).

                                      1. re: EricMM

                                        I've already reviewed london lennies. They were good. I have PJs and Woodhaven House on my list. PJ's ain't cheap though.