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Little India or east-end Indian delivery

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Looking to have some friends over for dinner this weekend. They have indicated they are interested in having Indian take-out. Since we are now in the East, our old go-to place - Trimurti - is out of reach. Also, since we live so close to Little India - it would be a terrible shame to order from "way over there" when there are so many potential options close by.

We have seen a couple of places in the 'hood - taste of india (woodbine & queen)?; siddharta?, skylark?, lahore tikka (all on gerrard)?

Where should we order from?

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  1. I had high hopes for siddharta, but it really disappointed me. Ordered a a lamb vindaloo that wasn't hot enough and the sauce didn't have much complexity. And the butter chicken had a weird after taste that I found quite unpleasant. Aloo Gobi was pretty good, though.

    I've read a few bad reviews about lahore tikka house on this site, but I love the place. Good level of heat and depth of flavour out of pretty much everything I've ordered there.

    1. BBQ Hut - anything Tandoori, and their nan bread is great. I usually get chicken tikka, nan, and a veg korma with rice. Rest of the menu is not too appealing to me.

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        Moti Mahal. It's always packed with Indian families, many of them from out of town. Butter chicken is awesome. Not remotely fine dining, but incredibly tasty.

        Siddhartha I've only done once, but it was borderline terrible. Same sauce on everything, everyone packed in there liked sardines.
        Cheap though.

        Or Lahore Tikka Hut for great kebabs. Nothing out there like Trimurti though.

      2. I'm on the hunt for a good east end delivery for Indian as well. We ordered from Makkah last weekend and it was barely okay. It is VERY cheap and the food was plentiful but flavour was hugely lacking. That said the dahl was the best of the lot.

        KitchenVoodoo - Any idea where to find a BBQ Hut menu online, no luck googling. Thx.

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          The name of it is Bar-Be-Que Hut. Here is the site - http://www.bar-be-quehut.ca/flash.html

          I really quite like their delivery. KitchenVodoo is right the Nan is excellent!

        2. Halal 786 on Gerrard has some tasty food, though I don't know how well it travels. Their delivery policies are erratic, to say the least, but they do say that they deliver, at least sometimes. The service there is awful, but I've really liked some of their food, particularly the halleem and the whole fish.

          Timothy's on Parliament can deliver to Leslieville. I don't know whether they go as far as Woodbine. While not the best Indian food you will ever eat, it is really quite good, and it is of higher quality than you'll get at most of the places on Gerrard.

          BBQ Hut claims to deliver, but somehow never seemed to be doing so when I called. Quality had gone way down there as of about two years ago. No more recent experience.

          We got take out at Siddhartha shortly after they opened at the current corner location. It was fabulous, and they kept bringing me food from their buffet (not as good as the dishes ordered from the menu, but not bad) while I waited. Future experiences were awful, both from the buffet and the menu, and I can't recommend them.

          Lahore Tikka doesn't deliver. They are fine for takeout. They went from being consistently fabulous to fabulously inconsistent a few years ago. My last order from there, about three weeks ago, was very good.

          Many people like Makkah on Danforth. I think their food is awful. Ditto the Kabul Kebab House on Gerrard.

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            Are you kidding me? lol. We live near Little India. How is it possible there are no stand outs on that strip?

            Any word about Taste of India on Kingston & Queen (there have been several postings - but I thought I would see if there has been anything newer); what about Skylark - seems a bit ritzy compared the rest of the strip (although makes you kind of wonder... )

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              This is just my opinion, of course, and YMMV. There were once some real standouts, but everything has declined. Much is okay; some is really bad. Remember, also, that most of the places on that strip don't deliver.

              - BBQ Hut was the standout around thirty years ago.
              - There was a large place with a dance floor on the north side about ten years ago that was fabulous. It lasted for a couple of years and then was turned into the (now defunct also) Poona clothing shop.
              - As of about eight years ago, Lahore Tikka House was on my list of Toronto's best restaurants.
              - There was a great little dosa shop on one of the side streets - now gone

              When the cheap buffet craze began, there were usually better things to be had from the menus. I don't find that to be true any more. Now ordering from the menu tends to give you the same food at a higher price, or else things that are seldom ordered and rarely wonderful or fresh.

              We eat on that strip fairly frequently. There's much that is tasty and cheap. Recently I've found two Pakistani places (Halal 786 and Lahore Tikka) to have the best tasting food, but neither is consistent. Halal 786 has bad service and dirty bathrooms and, as noted, their delivery policies are erratic. Lahore Tikka has been building their million dollar palace for years now. I don't understand how the fire and buildings departments have allowed their temporary facility (trailers connected by wooden passageways with propane heaters) to operate. The food tastes good, though it is extremely greasy. They don't deliver.

              The atmosphere and the service varies from place to place. The Moti Mahal has a large and devoted Indian clientele, but that makes it popular - not great. As far as I know, they don't deliver. Skylark and Haandi are okay. I found the much touted Udupi Palace to have horrific service and mediocre food.

              The best Indian food is simply not to be found along the Gerrard strip. I don't know anything about the many Indian places in the Rexdale/Mississauga/Brampton areas. Remember, Little India is a shopping destination, but few Indo/Pakistani people actually live in the immediate area. It was a "white trash" neighbourhood when the Indian places started to open. Now it is mainly gentrified, with a few remaining trashy streets. The India Centre that was the neighbourhood's heart seems somewhat derelict.

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                Wow - thanks Embee. We lived downtown for the longest time and since we've moved out here we feel like we have moved into a culinary wasteland out here. (We knew what we were getting into as we are regular devotees to CH) Our old standby place downtown was Trimurti Sigh. Now no more. :(

                I guess we'll have to walk along the strip and see for ourselves.

          2. We pick up food from Lahore Tikka at least twice a month (it's Pakistani by the way, not Indian), for the past eight years, and it's always been very good. Sometimes amazingly out of this world! The other places I've gone to here and there, but LT never disappoints.

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              What did you have at Lahore Tikka that was "out of this world"?

            2. Today we ventured out to Udupi Palace for lunch - actually not bad at all - had the appetizer platter, masala dosa, and SO had paneer dosa. Our friends have a paper dosa with masala & Uthapam with chilis. It was not fancy at all but very delicious and satisfying... they don't deliver but we can pick-up on the way home.

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                Sorry to continue slightly off-topic with the non-delivery here, but I love Udupi Palace. It's a bit lacking in ambiance, unless you go for that "family reunion in a church basement" or "school formal in the gym" kind of vibe, but I've liked everything I've eaten there (paper dosa, regular masala dosa, veggie thali, and a dinner special with chick peas that I can't remember the details of but do remember looooving). I dunno about its authenticity, but it's tasty and consistently so. The service was very good too, friendly waitstaff made sure we had lots of water :-). I used to go by in my poorer student days at least weekly to get a take-out container of delicious masala potatoes for a $2 snack (ahem... that was awhile ago... not sure if they'll still do this for you).

                Re. Lahore Tikka house: I like their chicken and beef tikka but anything in a sauce I've had there has been way too oily for my liking. We ordered a channa dish once for take out and it was served in 1" of straight-up oil.

                Favourite snack along there by FAR goes to the samosas at Surati Sweet Mart. I still make special trips out there for them. The chutney makes them totally swoon-worthy. We used to get samosas there so much that we started inviting the family that owns it to our family celebrations (and they came!).

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                  And my experience, on multiple visits to the Udupi Palace, has been pretty much the opposite - extremely bad (though not unfriendly) service and food that was filling, and cheap, but not especially good.

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                    embee - extremely bad? really? I don't know about authenticity... haha... but my friend who took me to Udupi Palace is from India and he loves it there! And he would know about authentic. I thought the service was actually here than in most places I have eaten in recently. (gosh, i am so grumpy in my old age.)

              2. What about Rashnaa at Wellesley and Parliament? I'm no expert but the food is consistently good, very cheap and they deliver (not sure about the range).