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Feb 14, 2008 04:02 PM

New York Style thick egg roll anyone?

Is there anywhere to find the thick skinned , 2 inch wide eggroll found in East Coast chinese places. so far All I have had out here are the skinny thin skinned ones?
I like the really junky ones filled with cabbage and ground dyed pork gristle...
looking in East Bay especially

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  1. Best bets are probably Chef Chu's

    or Panda Express

    Chef Chu's
    1067 N San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA 94022

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    1. re: Scott M

      I have never been to Chef Chus;; sounds good, but panda eeewww.. there is "good" bad chinese food and "bad" bad chinese , Panda Express is the later.

      1. re: jason carey

        I don't know but maybe that was what Scott M was trying to say.

        "Is there anywhere to find the thick skinned , 2 inch wide eggroll found in East Coast chinese places. there is "good" bad chinese food and "bad" bad chinese"

      2. re: Scott M

        Chef Chu's does have the thick egg roll skin, but the egg rolls aren't huge (factoid, you can by the fresh egg roll/wonton skins at Safeway in the fruits and vegetable section with some other fresh noodles), and the filling is not quite the cabbage/shrimp/pork that one might be expecting. There are a number of places that also call what you would think of as a "spring roll" an egg roll. I haven't seen a restaurant anywhere, except Chu's, that has the egg roll skin the poster is looking for- and I have been looking quite hard myself.

        And I am almost certain Panda Express doesn't serve this style-

      3. You're really talking about two different things. The skinny ones are authentic Chinese and usually referred to as "Spring Rolls". "Egg Rolls" are American-Chinese food. I don't recall where, but I've seen both on the same menu.

        1. Try Safeway Chinese deli section. Golden Dynasty in El Cerrito (now closed) used to serve east coast style egg roll where it's double dipped in batter and fried.

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          1. re: theSauce

            Safeway also sells them in the frozen food section under their own label...they are a pale reflection of the monstrously good and filling NY style egg rolls though....

            1. re: theSauce

              i have never in 40 years of living in the east coast seen a batter dipped egg-roll

              1. re: jason carey

                I have seen a batter dipped eggroll at Plum Garden in McHenry, IL, but never on the East Coast and never on the West Coast. The egg roll was huge and the filling was MSG'd through the roof. It was a very guilty pleasure.

              2. Have you tried the Filipino version? There's definitely a skinny Lumpia Shanghai, and a thicker Lumpia Prito.

                1. i too haven't found any east coast style egg rolls but you can get them at Trader Joe's.