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Dec 28, 2001 01:15 AM


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I found a Trader Vic's book of drinks (c) 1946 in my parents' library, so I thoght I'd make up a few batches of rum based punches on New Year's. Many of Trader Vic's recipes call for various types of rum (Jamaican rum, Puerto Rican rum, this rum that rum, many rums). Where would be the best place to find such a collection in LA? And given that I'm buying in quantity, where would the *cheapest* place to procure such be?

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  1. Trader Joe's. They have an awesome selection of Rums from various countries.

    1. Trader Joe's for value but Jerry's Liquor on Wilshire & Harvard (or is it Yale?) in Santa Monica for the absolute in variety.

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        For various rum punches I've made, I've found enough variety at Trader Joe's and the price was right. To be perfectly honest, after two or three rums, not even Long John Silver can tell the difference,

      2. Beverage Warehouse in Marina Del Rey for VARIETY.

        1. From an old rummy, you can probably make all those receipes from two types of rum. A good dark rum and a good light rum. Throw in a strong rum, 151 Bacardi, for floaters and you have a party in a punch bowl. Everybody will have their favorite rum but it really just boils down to those three. I also believe the best rum comes from Jamaica, but like Vodka and variety, there are a thousand and one different imports from the Carribean nations.

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            Rochelle McCune

            This doesn't answer your question but here is an interesting article regarding the types of rum out there and what the differences are.

            Also, on the left sidebar is a link to Reviews of Recommended Products which may help you pick good, reasonably priced rums to your taste.