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Feb 14, 2008 03:57 PM

Is there any need for 5" Santoku knife?

I am slowly building my knife block. I currently have an 8 inch Chefs Knife, 4 inch paring, 5 inch utility knife (all Henckels Twin Cuisine), and I am thinking of adding more:

I know that I want to get a 5 inch utility serrated knife, and 8 inch bread knife, and a 10 inch slicer. The only real question I have was with the idea of getting a 5 inch Santoku and I just don’t know if I'll ever use it. Any have experience with this and can comment on their usefulness?

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  1. santokus are good vegetable knives. I would tend to go a little larger since when using a pinch grip you effectively shorten the lenght. Here is one that is a little larger. The only knife in your list I personally would question is the 5 " serrated utility. What do you plan on using it for? For the slicer I have a 10.5" Sujihiki slicer that cuts through fish for sushi like butter. I've also used it to slice a large brisket as well. Very hard and sharp and Tojiros are one of the best bang for the buck Japanese knives out there.