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Feb 14, 2008 03:19 PM

Comfort food in Portland - ideas?

What a nasty winter!
I tried a post lamenting, cassoulet being missing on mid-winter local menus.
No response, so the bigger question - what's going to comfort us through these last dregs of winter?
.... and who's cooking it?

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  1. Just returned from a trip north through Portland and had a fabulous dinner special at Caiola's off Congress on Pine St. Not quite traditional, more Alsatian style? but very very comforting. Strong performance from this neighborhood bistro. My spouse enjoyed the wild mushroom ragout with polenta which was equally comforting.

    1. We love Bar Lola, and my wife insists they cook comfort food.

      1. Well, this is not exactly traditional comfort food, but in the winter in Portland, we find ourselves often at Sapporro for the very large, steaming Nabyake Udon. It is SO good, the best udon I've had anywhere--a notably flavorful broth. It is served in a large cast iron pot/bowl with an egg broken into the very hot broth so that it cooks on top. It has thick udon noodles, veggies, fish cake, chicken and comes with some tempura on the side. I sprinkle it generously with the mixed pepper seasoning, and break the egg yolk into the broth, mixing it all up together. Yum! This dish gets me through the winter!

        1. Another vote for Caiola's. I had the meatloaf and mashed taters. some of the best i've had.

          1. My boyfriend and I had some great poutine at Duck Fat - for breakfast! Well, I suppose it was more of a 'brunch'.

            I wrote it up here: