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Feb 14, 2008 02:46 PM

sanfrancisco bakery

if you want great fresh sandwiches ,soups and salads along with pastries u have to go there.i ate there today and had a great cream of potato and a grilled veggie sandwich on the most amazing parmesean bread.the food was fresh tasty and i inhaled it as its so good.the place was packed and its best for lunch and dinner,its off anderson mill in the shopping cneter where cvs and the movies are.john the owner and the staff are friendly and accomodating to you wishes and needs.the danishes are made there too as is the crossaints.i come from rr to eat there when i can.i saw a bunch of kids today from anderson hs there for lunch.try it you wont go wrong.

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  1. Not Anderson Mill but Anderson Lane.

    1. I've tried to eat there twice but keep forgetting they're a cash-only establishment.

      1. your right anderson lane

        1. SFB is one of our lunch spots. Their salads are so fresh, lettuce always crispy and they have sliced, very thin, crispy carrots. My favorite dish is the clam chowder in a bread bowl. OMG, thank goodness I have a great metabolism! The cream of asparagus soup is really good. This is a thin based cream soup, light and creamy.
          Their french bread is always crusty on the outside and soft on the center. The pastries that we have tried have always been good. I like the cream cheese topped. Always flaky and creamy. Sometimes the service is not that great. The two guys - maybe brothers - are not the friendliest in the world. But, the food makes up for it. Give it a try, you'll like it!