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Feb 14, 2008 02:35 PM

Santa Fe Recomendations - High & Low end

We'll be heading out to Santa Fe in mid March and I wanted to get some recommendations from the board. A search of past postings showed a lot of comments re high end places, but any ideas on lower cost places for lunch or dinner? Also, we'll be driving back and forth from Albuquerque to the airport, any ideas for places to stop by on the way or near the airport? Thanks!

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  1. I just spent five days in Santa Fe (my yearly jaunt) and had a fantastic dinner at La Boca, a new Spanish-influenced restaurant on Marcy Street, where Paul's used to be. It's smaller than an evening bag and reservations are essential, although I sat at the bar, which I would definitely do again. They periodically run a beef cheeks starter special, which was extraordinary. So, too, are the canelones hugging crab and scallops and pooled in a diabolically rich manchego cheese sauce. I also had dinner at the new Bert's La Taqueria, on Agua Fria, where Fernando Olea, the chef-owner, simply just cooked for me. It was an unbelievable dinner. Why this place isn't busier is beyond me, because the guy can cook his ass off -- and will if you'll let him.

    Also had typically great, inexpensive meals at The Shed, Guadalupe Cafe, Bobcat Bite, Mucho Gusto (love this place!), Los Potrillos, and Harry's Roadhouse, which does the best scrapple anywhere.

    Pasqual's (breakfast) and Il Piatto (dinner), as always, were brilliant.

    1. I was in Santa Fe for a week in October. On the high end (although far from the highest possible end), I have very fond memories of 315 and Amaya.

      On the low end (again, far from the extreme), the Chile Cheese Fries at Baja Tacos are the stuff of dreams, as is the smoked brisket at Josh's Barbeque.

      Have a great time.

      1. You've gotta check out the Horseman's Haven on Cerrillos near the green chile in the state...sigh...I miss it so. Great burgers and breakfast burritos, but also try the 3-D burrito. I also like Posa's, further up on Cerrillos, for the best tamales anywhere.

        1. Thanks for all the advice. We had a great time and food in Santa Fe. We ended up going to dinner at Cafe Guadalupe - great NM style food, reasonable prices. Chocolate Maven for brunch - very good food - excellent hot chocolate. Urban Pizza for take out pizza - nice pizza - very long wait. Tea House for lunch - nice food, expensive tea (up to 28 a CUP). Jinja for dinner - try the shaken beef. Pyramid Cafe in Los Alamos - a mediternian cafe - very reasonable prices, good food. San Svastian - more upscale NM food - we really enjoyed the food (chile raviolis!!) and had great service and finally back in ABQ - La Placita in the old town area.

          1. I like Counter Culture Cafe at 930 Baca St (just west of Cerillos Road). It doesn't look like much from the outside, but they have great fresh and interesting breakfast, lunch and dinner options at prices that are reasonable for Santa Fe ($8 - $20). Excellent baked goods, gigantic salads, good homemade soups.

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              Agree about CounterCulture; really good food.

              Since the original poster is not from Santa Fe though I feel obliged to note that CounterCulture is cash only; no credit cards.