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Feb 14, 2008 01:41 PM

CT: looking for a new place!

I know the New Haven, CT restaurants really well and have become a bit bored with them - don't get me wrong, there are delicious places (as well as others that are less so), but i would love to hear any suggestions people have in the area - any places in Milford, Branford, Guilford, West Haven, Hamden that people really love? Any type of cuisine goes, i'm just a bit bored and would love some suggestions!

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  1. well-- what are you bored with?? B4 I suggest!

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      I'm not bored with anything in particular - i just know all the restaurants downtown, having been around for quite a while, and dont get excited to go to them anymore. i don't need to be AMAZED, just need something new. I got a recommendation to SARAY in West Haven and must say i liked it quite a bit - wasn't floored, but will definitely go back!

    2. According to the Advocate, La Cuisine Café & Market is a new restaurant in Branford which sounds interesting. It used to be a caterer with a tiny restaurant downtown, but closed there and has now reopened at 750 E. Main St., Branford.

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        I've had take out form there. Disappointed with the cheese selection after they billed themselves as scouting out the best artisan cheese around. False...not to mention prices are stupidly way off. I don't call having 4 cheeses aselection. What did we have??? Grilled lemon chicken breast...good not mind blowing. They have a little seating area where you take your meal and sit and watch the Rt 1 traffic go by. I mean I dunno if it's gotten any better since then. Please correct me if it has.

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          Been wanting to comment re: La Cuisine for days--
          it is a wonderful addition to that stretch of Rte 1 in Branford, no doubt about it. May not impress those looking for a good sit-down meal, but that's not where it's at, for now. Imagine being able to walk in, select from beautiful, well-prepared entrees and sides visible in the large display case, get as much or as little as you need. And get this: it's often locally-sourced, healthy, but decadent too! I had a small helping of their stunning braised winter greens: deep green, purple, fantastically flavorful. I would cook this way for myself (and do) if I could find these ingredients. Terrific vegetable sides. Don't miss the extra-satisfying "wild & nutty" rice. Highly recommend a stop for food-lovers in the area, you'll find something to bring home, I promise. Cheese selection has expanded, bakery items are worth the indulgence, giant casserole of potato gratin is a work of art and should be photographed for their web site. I should stop now, you get the idea....

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            Good to hear and I will make it a point to stop by.

      2. Bistro Basque in milford

        have you tried Caseus in new haven yet?

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        1. re: EastRocker

          I'll definitely have to try Bistro Basque out - thanks! I've tried Caseus and was a bit underwhelmed - to be fair, it was about 10 days after they opened, and for lunch, but i don't know that i would go there for a meal again - for wine and cheese, SURE! (last i checked they were a BYOB but were getting their license) i got the french onion soup, which certainly wasnt enough, but it also wasn't SO amazing. it was decent. i think i make better, frankly. my tablemate got the souffle and salad - it was tiny, and salad was just greens (oh so french). She had to stop at Gourmet Heaven on the way back to the office to feel like she had had lunch - which is never a good sign. have you had a good experience? i really want to like the place! maybe i should give it another shot

        2. Have you tried Lalibela, across from the Omni in New Haven? Fosolia = heaven.

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          1. re: redfox697

            Yah, it is really good. i'm just looking for something outside of downtown new haven

          2. Try "Crave" in Ansonia. I am heairng lots of good things about it. It's a surprise to us all.