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Feb 14, 2008 12:47 PM

Matte ?

Matte, the brazilian drink.

I've been looking for a shop that sells everything i need to make Matte at home. From the herb, to the sugar, to the metal cup and straw. Can someone point me out to a store in Boston or beyond where i can get all their things?
Also, if there are different choices in terms of quality of products, can you suggest which one i should get?

Thank you

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  1. I drink mate regularly........For a quick fix, you can buy the Yerba Mate bags at Trader Joe's. Pretty decent quality. A couple of years ago, I bought a bombilla (cup made of hollowed out gourd) and metal straw from a matte website, plus some mate tea. I can't remember the specific site, but the cup and straw were fine. I've never seen a metal cup for mate, just the gourds. The mate itself, however, was not so good....very bitter. I've since got some nice loose mate at McNulty's in Greenwich Village...theirs is excellent, nice and smooth. You can order online here:

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        I believe so! Sorry for the mixup.......

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        BTW, the cold drink Tereré also made with aged mate and drunk with a straw is traditionally consumed out of a vessel made from a cow horn called a guampa as opposed to the cuia (calabaza, but the gourd usually used for drinking chimarrão is called porongo). Both can be dressed up with leather, wood, metal, but a metal cup itself for chimarrão would be frowned on (for tereré I think there is less emphasis on tradition). In any case, as mentioned below if you hunt for the materials at Brazilian stores or festivals you can often find them much less expensively (and there is a large "gaucho" cultural group in Everett/Somerville) but it might take a bit of looking.

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          Does the guampa affect the flavor of the tereré?

      3. Can't help you with the cup and straw (seems like the sort of thing the Internet was born to do), but Tealuxe sells the actual yerba mate loose.

        1. I thought I postd this, but it doesn't seem to be here. You can buy Guayaqui (the People )Yerba Mate, loose, in packages, at the Whole Foods in Cambridge, RiverSt.

          1. When the weather gets hot, you can try a related product, a Cuban soda called "materva" I've found it at El Oriental de Cuba in JP and that big latin grocery nearby.

            Not pure mate of course but it's mate flavored. Good stuff.

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              Materva makes a great Dark n Stormy variant as well.

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                Wow, that sounds great....I wonder if any local bar stocks it!

            2. Everything you need to make chimarrao can be bought inexpensively in local Brazilian stores. Note the most common cuia is made from a gourd and this along with the metal straw (bomba) can be had for around $2. Brazilian butchers (Case de Carnes Somerville, Acougue Brasil Medford, Tony's Foodland E Somerville, probably La Sultana Everett/Somerville/E Boston) and Supermarkets (Gol Somerville/Framingham) usually carry these and inexpensive 1 kilo bags of mate. That would be for the green mate traditionally used for chimarrao, but they also carry Mate Leao (toasted) and the mate leao cha gelado (sweetened iced tea with lemon).

              In the past fancier cuias and bombas were available in stores, but a lot of these specialty products have disappeared locally due to the dollar (in the past importers could make a killing, bringing in small quantities). The Somerville brazilian market used to carry nicer ones before they were acquired as Gol, but could still have something. International Market in Union Square redid their stock and not certain they have it, but is worth a peek and you could luck out at either casa de carnes or the medford acougue. If you really want to go fancy, a Brazilian jeweler would probably make you a bomba from silver. Otherwise your best bet would be at a Brazilian rodeo and there is usually one Memorial Day weekend -- I have seen tooled leather cuias. And as mentioned you can mail order all this, at a premium.