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Feb 14, 2008 12:46 PM

Good spots for quick dinner on UPENN's campus?

I am flying solo to the Medeski, Martin, and Wood show being held at the Irvine Auditorium next Tuesday. Since I am driving straight from work I will arrive with plenty of time to spare to enjoy a quick, relatively inexpensive dinner before the show begins. Are their any decent options right on campus?

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  1. Depends what kinda of experience you're looking for. I'm a Penn student.. I've tried a good deal of the options. A really good pizza place is Pizza Rustica on 36th and Chestnut (decent place with sit down area and has some other foods too but can't comment on them), White Dog I think is overrated, Pod isn't exactly quick or inexpensive. Marathon Grill on 40th and Walnut is okay but not in anyway special (hah or quick). Sandwich wise I don't think you can go wrong with Greek Lady (40th and Locust) or Gia Pronto (38 and Spruce) but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for. Oh! and obvious choice I failed to think of, New Deck Tavern I think has some great food.. that's on Sansom... off of 34th. It has good bar good.. sandwiches and entrees and good atmosphere. Hope that helps?

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      I second the New Deck if you are solo and want a drink as well. You can sit at the bar which is often a more social environment.

    2. If you're going to be driving in, I'd recommend bypassing campus totally and heading to the 47th & Baltimore area, where there is a municiple parking lot right next to a couple of restaurants. Vientianne Cafe (Thai) and the new Vietnam Cafe (by the Fu Wah tofu hoagie folks) are both good and cheap-ish. Abbraccio is also right there - nothing to write home about when talking about Philly Italian, but it's pretty decent.

      As for on-campus options near Irvine, there are a few options other than the mentioned. Pod (37th & Sansom) can be quick but not really cheap, though it doesn't have to be an expensive dinner - it is a Stephen Starr, so it comes with those trappings, but I've always enjoyed it. Beijing (~37th & Spruce) is the closet one to Irvine and has pretty decent Chinese - I like the wonton soup there, personally. La Terasse (Sansom between 36th & 34th) has pretty nice bar food - burgers (which you can get an egg on!), good fries (usually fried with onions), etc - the main dining room, like Good Dog's, is completely not that great, though.

      1. i would recommend koreana, for some quick, inexpensive, and delicious korean food! :)
        if you want to look at their menu online. it's on 36th and chestnut, and it's sorta hidden but it's near a chili's and abner's cheesesteak (which you could get as well).