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First time visitors to Boston...

My wife and I are going to be in Boston this weekend (Saturday - Monday) and would like to hear of some good places to eat. We're looking for:

1. Thai food
2. Any Chinese place with great Wonton Soup
3. A good clam chowder place.

If you could also let us know which station on the T would be closest to any of the above, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!! We appreciate it.

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  1. I'll supply the Thai. Dok Bua on Harvard Street in Brookline. Very authentic & also has a Thai grocery store at the front of the restaurant. The menu is a collection of polaroid pictures of all the dishes and they have some interesting curries & selections as well as the old time faves (pad that, etc).

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      Take the Greenline C train to Coolidge Corner(Beacon & Harvard), cross Beacon & walk down to 411 Harvard: http://boston.menupages.com/restauran...

    2. The King and I on Charles Street has great thai food - Charles/MGH stop on the Red Line.

      Wonton soup I cannot say although I would imagine that there has to be a good place in Chinatown. If you are willing to try Pho then I recommend Pho Ha on Beech Street for good pho - Orange Line Chinatown Stop or Green Line Boylston or Red Line Park Street - walk over to Chinatown - tons of options.

      Clam chowder - do you like a thicker or thinner chowder? A lot of people like the chowder at Legal Seafood. I prefer Union Oyster House for chowder and oysters.

      Enjoy your visit!


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        If you go to the Union Oyster House, make sure that you sit at the raw bar and get the chowder and oysters only.

      2. I like the wonton noodle soup at Hong Kong Eatery in Chinatown (orange line to Chinatown).

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          That is an excellent recommendation. I recently tried some soup there with shrimp dumplings that was also awesome.

        2. Ok. If you are coming to Boston for the first time at least experience the best we have to offer. Here are my recommendations: Oleana (Kendall Square Stop/Red Line), CuChi CuChi (Central Square / Red Line), Upstairs on the Square (Havard Square/Red Line), Ten Tables (Forest Hills/Orange Line), Eastern Standards (Kenmore Square/Green Line), Elephant Walk (St. Mary/Green Line C), L'Espalier (Government Center/Green Line), Bartley's (Harvard Square/Red Line), Gargoyl's (Davis Square/Red Line), The Independant (Union Square), etc.

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            L'Espalier is nowhere near Government Center. It's near Copley.

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              Thanks, I meant to write Prudential stop. Copley would work too.

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                You have to wait way much longer for an E train than a B, C or D. Plus I think Copley is closer.

                Good suggestion, though

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              for tonight or future reference, Ten Tables is closer to Stony Brook or Green Street stops on the Orange line. It is sooo worth the trip.

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                Better yet, take the 39 bus, since it really isn't that close to any orange line station

            3. 1. Dok Bua - C Green Line, Coolidge Corner; Khao Sarn - C Green Line, Coolidge Corner - if you're feeling like some alcohol with your crispy duck
              2. Hong Kong Eatery, as indicated above - Orange Line, Chinatown
              3. B&G Oysters - Orange Line, Bay Bay Station; Neptune Oyster - Orange Line, Haymarket

              Hope that's helpful! Be sure to report back on where you do end up.

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              1. re: gini

                Thanks all...we're going to have a hard time picking from the above, but I'm sure it will be good wherever we end up. Have a great day!

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                  My votes go to Dok Bua for Thai and HK Eatery for wanton soap.

                  By the way, where are you from?

              2. For wontons, I would add Taiwan Cafe in C-town (orange line). I've had their wonton noodle soup and the wontons were excellent. Plump, tender with the right amount of give.

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                1. re: beetlebug

                  That's good to know. I'm addicted to their duck and mustard green soup so it's good to know they do other things well!

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                    I love noodle soups and TC has excellent ones. I also really enjoy the pork and pickled mustard greens soup, the pork and snow cabbage soup and the da lu noodle soup. If you get the da lu noodle soup, ask for white pepper as the condiment.

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                      We had the wonton soup on Saturday for lunch and were quite pleased - those wontons are lovely. Wish the broth was a little more flavorful, but the kale made up for it

                      1. re: gini

                        Go on, tell them about the milk.

                        Good times and great food at TC on Saturday for those that joined us (and by us I mean I showed up 30 minutes late). Came back five minutes after I left to get an extra order of the beef with longhorn peppers and a scallion pancake to go.

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                          It was beany and warm and sweet and delicious and I want some hot soy bean milk right now. You missed out, dude.

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                        Thanks for the rec for wonton soup -- as gini said, we tried it on Saturday and the wontons were great. I still think the wonton soup at East Asia in Powderhouse Circle (Somerville) is better, but I'm glad I tried the TC version.

                  2. Thanks for all your suggestions. We had a wonderful time in Boston even though it was a little on the chilly side! We ate at Dok Bua for Thai...I had the Pad-Bai-Gra-Pow (basil + chiles). Basil always does wonders to food. We also ate at the Union Oyster House; it was also very good. We saw many other restaurants that will probably have to wait until our next visit:-(

                    Thanks again!!

                    Oh...I almost forgot...we tried out Veggie Planet in Harvard Square. We got the Unsafe n'Sound pizza...outstanding!!

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                      I'm a vegetarian and I wouldn't step foot in that place. :(

                      1. re: imdrifting

                        Thanks for posting back! I'm fond of the Henry's Lunch pizza at Veggie Planet myself, though I wouldn't qualify it as a "pizza", more like an open faced sandwich.