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Feb 14, 2008 12:34 PM

What to order at Kaz?

I'll be going to Kaz in a few days for dinner and wondering what I should order. I've read mixed reviews on this board, so I want to make sure I order the good stuff.


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  1. Ohhh...I love Kaz. I would happily indulge in several pieces of the seared salmon belly, and if they have the lobster in wasabi mayonnaise available (I think that's how it's described), that is a must. Kaz does a lot of fusion-type sushi, like foie gras sushi, that's not to everyone's taste, but I say - if you're here on Chowhound, you must be kind of adventurous food-wise, so go for something that you've never seen before at another sushi place. At least it will have been fun to try.

    Otherwise, I love their version of the seaweed salad too!

    1. Everything is recommended. we went in on a couple of the tasting menus in hopes of something unusual and surprising showing up - it did and it was great. we ended up ordering seconds, and not out of hunger. (not the full on parade). if I stuck to ordering by the piece, I'd prob. find myself ordering the same old standards.

      I'm not a sake expert here, nor was my pal, so when we expressed our ignorance our waitress kindly poured thimble size tastes before committing to a carafe (which turned into plural)

      1. Don't order rolls, I don't think they do them well, go with some sort of chefs tasting, and I wished we had ordered appetizers because we had the worst server who didn't come back to check on us and our food took forever, mine was excellent when it came, I got a tasting menu, BF didn't and was disappointed and hungry and with our lousy server we couldn't get him more food so he snacked when we got home.

        Or perhaps sit at the bar service is probably better there.

        1. For the pieces of sushi we like the salmon with mango sauce and the tuna with olive tapanade.
          I do like some of their rolls, but they're not more impressive than other sushi restaurants.

          The beef short ribs are wonderful if you want some cooked meat instead of raw fish. This comes as an appetizer size (usually on their paper "specials" menu) or an entree.