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Feb 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Nacho Cheese

The zesty, neon-orange, entirely unhealthful, creamy nacho cheese that comes with nachos when you order them at the movies, Canada's Wonderland, etc. etc. -- as far as I know it is branded as Mexicasa nacho cheese but I am sure there are other very very similar brands -- does anyone know how to acquire small quantities of this stuff? Any brand is OK.

Tostitos makes a "salsa con queso" which isn't really the same thing, and there are other processed cheese products (e.g. valveeta) which don't even come close.

I am willing to try any nacho cheese that comes in a can!

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  1. Nuked Velveeta and hot sauce.

    1. I bought the BIG Mexicasa can once at Fiesta Farms, kept it in a large squeeze bottle, ate waaaaaaaay too much of what ever it is over the course of a couple months...did someone say guilty pleasure?!

      1. If you don't have luck finding it in a can, you could try Velveeta.
        My relatives in Texas make their own using Velveeta, a little milk to get the right consistency, and a tin of Rotel peppers. Rotel might be difficult to find in TO. But the mixture comes out smooth and yummy, and probably approximates what you're looking for.

        1. LOL, pure evil, absolutely Velveeta or Cheese Whiz.
          But, I used to buy a brand from the El Paso Chile Company at Sun Valley on the Danforth. Still evil, but more delicious and trendier packaging.