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Feb 14, 2008 12:20 PM

Inn at St Peters?

Anyone eaten here yet? What are your recommendations?

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  1. We took our daughter there for her birthday last year. Food is very high quality, prices match. The setting is very dramatic (on a ravine). I have no particular recommendations -- we had a variety of things between three of us, and all were up to a very high standard. The only warning is be prepared to pay. Our bill was something like $320 for 3, with three glasses of champagne and a wine that was not really extravagant.

    We love the place, but reserve it for "occasions". There are much better values at the same quality not too far (Birchrunville, Majolica, eg). BTW, the pastry shop next door (not officially connected, but supplies the restaurant) is not bad at all. I talked to the pastry chef (last summer sometime) and he had not apprenticed in Europe. It showed a bit in the pastries, but they were still quite good.



    1. We went for Thanksgiving so you can't completely judge by a holiday meal, but the portions were beyond miniscule and left you a little disappointed. I'm used to small, European style portions, but this was a bit ridiculous. My soup was maybe two ounces.

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        Found this site the other day, you can get a dessert at the Inn (and other Chester County restaurants ) for FREE (every week if you want to...)

      2. We ate there the other night. Very good. I believe they just started a more casual menu on Wednesdays? I think it's the same menu as served in the Fox Bar. Also, they have an amazing Sunday brunch, that at $35pp is very very good.