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Feb 14, 2008 12:14 PM

Philly Chows Visting Seattle for 1 night - HELP

My girlfriends and I will be spending 1 night in Seattle before boarding a cruise. We are staying downtown and want to make the most of our 1 night. We're looking for suggestions on where to eat that's worthy of Chowhound. We love all food and need your help in finding the perfect place - nothing stuffy is our only request.

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  1. I will venture to say you haven't gotten any responses becuase your request is too broad. Can you help us narrow it down. What type of food? Near your hotel? Willing to wait for a table or need a res? What is most important eg creative menu, ethnic, seafood, view, location, etc. Lots of yumminess to be had, we just need a direction to point you.....

    1. Yo! I'm a displaced Philly, and while I'm not real familiar with Seattle yet, I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for at the Pike Place Market. You know that Philly Chowhounds always direct visitors to the RTM, and the same goes here. There are lots of good dining choices in the Market. I've heard good reports about Matt's, but that's far from the only choice. Seafood is a good bet here, although you can probably get better sushi in Philly. You could try the Dungeness Crab, although it's not as sweet as the Chesapeak Blue Crab. Be sure to try the Penn Cove Mussels and the local oysters.

      Enjoy your cruise

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        I've spent some good time in Philly. I used to love Salt and Pepper, Pif, and of course the 9th Street market and Jim's steaks.

        Definitely go for the sea creatures Johnny T identifies. Perhaps the Brooklyn for oysters, and Matt's, Flying Fish or Union for more upscale (but hardly stuffy) seafood dinner options. Etta's is not as good as these, but a solid fish place as well. Staying downtown gets you free buses to all of these, as well as others I might recommend, including Saito's for sushi.

      2. If you want seafood, Flying Fish is my favorite Seattle seafood place. Great atmosphere and the best Marlin I've ever eaten! Its in the Belltown section of Seattle, very close to Pike Place Market. Another great place to have some great wine and great food is Purple, a wine bar and restaruant. Located in downtown, I believe on 4th. A lot of fun "with the girls".