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Feb 14, 2008 12:10 PM

Burgers at the Lantern?

We are always passing the Lantern Restaurant on North Street in Pittsfield. Does anyone have personal experience with their burgers? Is it worth a shot? TIA ---

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  1. The burgers are excellent, but the don't go there for the ambience. The place is not that big and the booths are small. We like having lunch there on Saturdays, the crowd level is down at that time and the service is quicker.

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    1. re: Dana1949

      Thanks, Dana1949. May give it a try when you suggest; a good burger is hard to find.

    2. I haven't had a burger there in a while, as I've gotten fussy about only eating grass and/or naturally raised meats (and I love rare burgers; theirs are too small to get that way.) But I loved their burgers years ago, and hear they haven't changed much.
      Had a friend visiting last week whose palate and taste buds I really respect, and he had lunch there. Said the burgers were as good as their reputation used to be, and that everything his party had for lunch was great.
      Flame broiled burgers, sandwiches and salads. It's a bar. Look and feels like one.
      PS: have you tried the burgers on the bar menu at Rouge?

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        Didn't know about Rouge's burgers (or bar menu). We've found it ear-splittingly noisy, so tend to stay away, but just maybe, early on, at the bar....?

        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          As to Rouge, we do try to go on the early side, and almost always eat at the bar. I don't think sandwich/tapas menu is available in the dining room, though you can order off the dining room menu at the bar. I have been told that it's kind of crazy for later dining.

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            It only took two months ---- but we managed to get to the Lantern today (a Monday) for a lunch burger. Himself ordered his burger medium, mine was medium-rare ---- and that's actually how they came, just as ordered. Nice crispy charbroiled crust, real greasy, REAL delicious. A winner! (And El Exigente pronounced the coffee very good.)

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              I dont know how far away Fall River is but uglyAmerican is worth the trip ( phantom Gormet)

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                I'm glad that you enjoyed your meal at the Lantern. Next time, try a Greek salad with your burgers. They have one of the best Greek salads that I've ever eaten.