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Feb 14, 2008 11:47 AM

Pizza with Mushrooms (Fresh, Canned or Frozen)?

There are continuing comments here about mushrooms on pizza (canned vs. fresh). These discussions reminded me of a pizza hunt I want to do. Anyone have a rec for a pizza made with fresh sauteed mushrooms or frozen mushrooms?

Mushrooms as a pizza topping can be either great or bad. Fresh mushrooms and canned mushrooms that have not been properly drained can add too much moisture to the pizza crust. A soggy pizza crust is worst than a limp greasy crust resulting from too much oil in the meat toppings. I am looking for a pizza made with either frozen mushrooms or fresh sauteed mushrooms added after the pizza has been cooking for a while.I like frozen french fries more than fresh (less moisture in the end product IMO) am I hope to find the same is true with frozen mushrooms as a pizza topping. It would be great to have this on a really good pizza but the rest of the pizza only needs to be OK because I just want to explore the difference in mushrooms.

Good read on pizza toppings – see the mushroom section.

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  1. Been a while since I've bought one, but the Trader Joe's four cheese with wild mushroom is one of the best frozen pizzas I've ever had.

    CPK makes a very good one in a similar vein as well.

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      CPK is different though, IMO, because it's a mixture of wild mushrooms on top of a walnut pesto served w/ parsley... not just a mushroom pizza.

    2. Bloom Cafe has a terrific three mushroom pizza made with shitakes, portabellas and white mushrooms. You might want to give that a try in your hunt for perfect mushroom pizza. My guess is that these are of the fresh variety, but I've never asked.

        1. Joe Peeps loads up the fresh mushrooms and is not soggy. They do a canned version, too, but the fresh taste better.

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            In addition to Joe Peep's, try Caioti.

            In the city, Abbot's.

            Farther out, Zelo or Tony's Little Italy.

          2. Here is a relatively recent thread to set you in the right direction: