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Feb 14, 2008 11:38 AM

Best Spicy Food in Providence?

Looking for something spicy that also has a good sit down environment, any thoughts?

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  1. Is there a particular type of spicy food you're looking for? I'm partial to Solomon Market, the Korean restaurant on Benefit Street. Their dish with squid and vegetables on rice is tasty and really hot.

    1. In my experience it is hard to find places that will make food as spicy as I want it.
      The one place I frequent that consistently delivers a suitable mouth-sear when asked to do so is Taste of India on Wickenden Street. I order Kadai chicken, no cream, extra hot. It really comes out extra hot. It's great with a side of cooling raita.
      I've been to Solomon Market many times and never have they made my food spicy enough, even when I stress the issue ("extra, extra, extra, extra spicy, 10-star spicy, not your typical American spicy...") and even when I order a dish that is supposed to be spicy, like the spicy seafood noodle soup dish. It's delicious, just not too spicy. I had the squid dish and it's also delicious, but to me it was more sweet-spicy than spicy-hot.
      Good luck!

      1. MuMu's on Atwells has some pretty spicy dishes. I believe they will also happily add some spice for you.

        1. Bombay Club has (happily!!!) blown my tastebuds off on occasion. I always ask them to make it the way they'd have it themselves.

          For something not as ethnic, Blaze has the Hot, Hot Pizza. It's ridiculously hot; almost too spicy to eat.