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Dec 24, 2001 06:08 PM

Evening dinner near Amtrak's Union Station

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Anthing interesting to eat near by? Thanks.

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  1. Philippe's, the original French dip sandwich! Accept no imitations (especially that Cole's nonsense)! Get a double-dip pork sandwich with a pickle, cole slaw and lemonade. This is the oldest restaurant in LA, and has great atmosphere, as well as terrific sandwiches. It's two or three short blocks from Union Station, on Alameda and Ord.

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    1. re: David Boyk
      Leslie Brenner

      Chinatown, with its wealth of great restaurants, is just across the street.

      1. re: David Boyk

        Actually, I think it was determined in a thread several months ago about LA's oldest restaurants, that Cole's is older than Philippes by several months...


        1. re: Renee

          Yes, I'm aware that Cole's claims to be the oldest, but my understanding is that that's through the loophole of not changing locations -- Philippe's has moved, so that disqualifies them. If you ask me, it's irrelevant, because Cole's sucks, and Philippe's is the greatest thing since barbecue. Oh, and by the way, if that didn't start enough battles, the proper pronunciation is "fill-IPP-eez."

          1. re: David Boyk

            Agree with everything you say except your choice of meat.Try the double dipped lamb.

            1. re: Jed
              michael (mea culpa)

              One of the great things about Philippe's is that you can get Silver Oak by the glass.

              1. re: michael (mea culpa)

                Yes, the Silver Oak thing is neat! Only wish they were still serving the '96. They recently started pouring the '97. Compared to the '96...blucch. To my untutored palate, not worth the price -- yet. Maybe next year it'll be "ready"...

                But it is fun to sit and have a fancy-pants glass of wine with your budget sandwich and baked apple. :)

                1. re: OopsieDaisy

                  For your consideration: the dipped beef with blue cheese.

                  1. re: OopsieDaisy

                    i'm confused....and it's not because i'm from new jersey :)...i was in l.a. in March and made it a point to go to philippes the original because i wanted to get that "old-fashioned flavor" of the city. it was cool (even saw susan sullivan standing in line!) but now i see on the Food Network that there's even an older restaurant in L.A. that bills itself as the home of the french dip - Coles PE Buffet! Does anyone know what the real story is here? thanks!

                    1. re: cathy
                      michael (mea culpa)

                      This is sort of like asking what happened in The Lady or the Tiger? You'll never get THE answer. Philippe's and Cole's both claim to be the oldest restaurant in LA and to have invented the French Dip Sandwich. Apparently, Cole's longevity claim relies on not having changed locations, which Philippe's has done. As for the sandwich, Philippe's is generally said to be better and the location is not skanky like Cole's (being in the middle of skidrow doesn't help).

        2. Surely you know about Traxx, in the station itself. Very good, highly regarded and great atmosphere.

          Just make sure it's open at the time you want to eat before your train leaves.

          1. If you like Mexican food, Olvera street is right across from Union Station. Also, R-23 in the nearby artists' district has good sushi.