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Feb 14, 2008 11:04 AM

Help with East Boston places

I have been researching places for chow in East Boston and since I am new to the area, not knowing my way around I need your help. I have read lately about great places to get peruvian and colombian chicken (what is the difference? is there a particular way to order?) - I am dying to try the places in East Boston but I need to know how to get there using the T and walking. I am not familiar with East Boston at all and would like to become better acquainted.

Can anyone tell me how to get to some of these places using the T and walking? Also your recommendations for best things to try for a newbie to this type of food?

Here's some of the places that sound like must try:

Rincon Limeno
Mi Pueblita
El Buen Gusto
Pollo Doreno
Tacqueria Jalisco
La Sultana
Peaches & Cream/Beto?

Edited to add: El Chalon

Thanks in advance for your tips -


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  1. Did you try MBTA rider tools? For example, Rincon Limeno, take blue line to Wood Island station, walk up Bennington to Day & over to 409 Chelsea St. Also, add Angela's to your list.

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    1. re: Taralli

      Thanks - I will do that but sometimes people familiar with an area know a quicker or easier way to get to places. I am hoping to get over to Maverick Square tomorrow.

      Angela's is definitely on the list and I have great directions there already. We did mexican from La Siesta twice last weekend and just returned from a visit to Arizona so my dh wants to do something alittle different.

      Do you have any favs in Maverick or close by that are not to be missed?


    2. Is Rincon Limeno open again?

      Don't forget Rino's.

      1. A few others you might want to consider are Caffe Italia in Central Square (good Italian food, great espresso and cappuccino), Rino's on Saratoga Street (another good Italian place), and Saigon Hut on Meridian Street (very good Vietnamese food, and little-known).

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        1. re: hiddenboston

          How's the pho at Saigon Hut? I think I called them recently after being excited to see vietnamese closer than Chinatown.

          Rino's and Caffe Italia are now on my list - thanks for the suggestions!


          1. re: meg1641

            I haven't had the pho there. I really liked the vermicelli with chicken, lemongrass, and hot chiles, and the clear noodle soup with seafood (including squid and crab meat) was very nice, too.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              Thanks for the suggestions! I am heading over to East Boston today to check things out and keeping a list so this will be very helpful!


              1. re: meg1641

                Meg - I'm embarassed to say that I live in Easte and haven't tried all these places! If it's easy, print out a street map for Day Square/Wood Island - streets are on the diagonal and a bit confusing! See it as an adventure....Victor's, Beto's and Topacio are sll between the BACK (inbound side) entrance of Airport (that entrance is directly opposite Bremen and Brooks st.) and Maverick - again, a street map is necessary! Or at least, extremely helpful! At Rincon, I like both the ceviche, and the garlic sauce that comes with (I think - you'll have to ask if it's not listed on the menu) rotisserie chicken...Have fun! Bueno gusto!

                1. re: fredid

                  Thanks - that's exactly what we did. Got a good map with clear directions for today's three places - El Chalon, El Penol and Spinelli's Bakery. My husband left awhile ago with maps and lists of items to get to try.

                  I love that there is finally so good chow near where we live. We used to live in Brighton and loved the Allston/Brighton area, then moved out to Dedham and nothing was out there then (now W. Roxbury and Roslindale have added great food). When we got out here I kept telling my husband that there had to be great stuff nearby - I could just tell from the feel of the neighborhoods so I am really excited to try new places and new types of food.

                  I will definitely let you all know how today's adventure goes.


          2. re: hiddenboston

            I lived in Eastie until recently. I now live in Dot. And even when I lived there I wasn't all that impressed with Saigon Hut. But now I'm totally spoiled living in Dot. What do you like about SH?

          3. Do add El Jardin to your list; it was the best of the Colombian places I tried in my visits to East Boston.

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            1. re: limster

              Thanks - adding it to the list!


            2. Here's what we had today:

              El Penol - Mountain Plate. This is a large amount of food - rice, beans, plaintains, pork, thin grilled steak, arepas. Great food. We split this between us. Very reasonable for $10.50.

              El Chalan - 1/2 rotisserie chicken with fries and the aji de gallina with rice & a garden salad. We also got little baggies filled with a green sauce which I put all over the rotisserie chicken which was moist and wonderful. The shredded chicken was in a spicy yellow sauce with potatoes and hard boiled egg. It reminded me of a very rich spicy chicken ala king - very tasty. We got a side of plaintains as well and it was huge! We will definitely get food from here again as everything was tasty, portions were large.

              Spinelli's Bakery - We got an assortment of pastries - cannoli's, lobster tail, ricotta pie, macaroon and cream puff. Too full from the above so waiting before I try but first impressions - ricotta pie, lobster tail and cream puff look fantastic. Cannoli's look okay and the macaroon looks like it might be a disappointment.

              We are really happy to have found out about these places - great to add to our chow lists.

              thanks again for all your tips and help!


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              1. re: meg1641

                Too late for today ; but we had a very good seafood soup at Topacio. There's also a Colombian grocery store across the street that makes their own chorizo..nice cumin flavor.

                Here's some pics and favorites from Rincon Limeno.


                1. re: 9lives

                  The pictures look fabulous and I saw the aji de gallina we had today among them. We enjoyed this dish very much!

                  My husband says he knows right where this is located and after seeing the picture of the ceviches told me that we will most definitely be eating here and of course that sandwich looks like it was awesome!

                  Thanks for sharing your pics!


                  1. re: meg1641

                    Meg - The sandwich is from Meridian Market, across from Topacio.