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Feb 14, 2008 10:45 AM

Jewish delis in Ffld Cty

Aside from Goldsteins in Westport are there any Jewish delis left? Its called Goldsteins right..

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  1. It's actually Gold's. The Steins left and changed their name to Oscars and opened the other deli in town. Sorry just some Catskill humor, and very bad at that..

    Here is jfood list of good Jewish delis in FFD County:

    1 -

    Jfood cries every night when he thinks about how much he misses everything the Jewish delis brought to his life growing up. There is just not one in FFD county.

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    1. re: jfood

      I agree.

      Go to NYC...there are none around here.

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        Jfood doing a blind taste test on Spinelli's, Word of Mouth and Pauli tomorrow morning. See if an old dog will learn a new trick.

    2. not quite fairfield...but blooms in yorktown heights in northern westchester is good

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      1. re: corky

        I've been to Bloom's once and liked it.

          1. re: Fairfield.Foody

            339 downing a shopping center

            1. re: corky

              Yeah, they're in the back corner of the shopping center, IIRC.

              Here's their website: