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Feb 14, 2008 10:44 AM

Sassi (Scottsdale) - Menu item you enjoyed

Like many of you, I've had mostly misses at Sassi. But, my Italy-loving mom is visiting and I know she would really dig the look of the place so I'm hoping to get three or four Chow-OK'd menu items so we can piece together a meal. I remember liking the meatball appetizer but that was several years ago. Anyone have something they're comfortable recommending? Thanks!

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  1. The spiedini di salciccia is quite good (although the presentation was lacking) and the butternut squash side is excellent, but as you stated, I've found most of their other items to be pretty mediocre, especially given the price. I certainly hope they've smoothed out the service, which has been my biggest complaint.

    1. Their Caprese is always very good. I also really like the beets. And the Gnocchi al Funghi. Oooohhh, and a lemoncello martini. I used to really enjoy Sassi, but on my last visit (Aug 31, 2007), the overall quality had gone down significantly.

      1. last time we were there we had a prix fix menu with many choices and the menu changes alot, but the ricotta gnocci stands out in my mind and we had a calamari dish that was great. I love the view from the patio. Sometimes the service is spectacular, and sometimes really awful. I agree they should smooth it out.

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          I for one, have never had a bad meal there. Granted, I stick mostly to the pasta dishes, but they have all be delicious. Other great choices: fennel and arugula salad with pecorino and trumpet mushrooms, Tuna with olives grapefruit and balsamic, and you can't ignore the house made charcuterie.