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Feb 14, 2008 10:04 AM

Tender Veal Scallopine-- Help!

I'm making a veal scallopin dish for dinner tonight. The problem I have is that my veal never comes out quite as tender as what I buy in a good restaurant. Can anyone help me acheive this?

i understand Adolphs may work, but I've never used it. Any experience with this product would be helpful too.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The key is to pound it thinly and evenly, flour just before cooking and cook it very quickly - about a minute or less per side if you've floured the scallops. Overcooking will make them tough.

      1. I think Adolphs is a powdered meat tenderizer right? I would stay away from that.

        I think jannie has it right, pound it thin and cook it quick. Of course trust in your butcher to give you good meat is essential as well.

        1. Please DON'T Use Adolphs! Just take two pieces of siran wrap -- put your veal cutlets between the sheets -- and pound with a mallet -- or the bottom of a pan if you don't have a mallet. Flip over the meat (and siran wrap) and pound again.
          Then if you flour the scallops lightly, and cook gently in a COMBINATION of olive oil AND butter --- Take them out, and pour whatever your sauce is into the pan and allow the pieces to come off pan and pour over your veal. Don't overcook the veal -- it will cook quickly. Enjoy. It will be a wonderful valentine meal! Eat Veal for an Great Meal -- anytime!

          1. most better restaurants use veal loin for scallopine, grocery stores usually are selling shoulder, a much different texture, your cooking technique has little to do with it. You will pay much more for loin but it will be what you are looking for.

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              The best veal I usually get is from a German butcher shop, sold as veal for weinerschnitzel, and it is cut from the loin. They will cut a half-inch slice and pound it for me as well. It is crazy expensive but crazy good.