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Feb 14, 2008 10:00 AM

Recent Thai Moon visit

Wife and I had an urge for Thai food last night so we went to Thai Moon in Arlington Ctr. It's one of our favorite low key places for this type of cuisine. Before anyone chimes's not "authentic Thai". We like 100% authentic cuisine as much as anyone else so unless we went to Thailand, this will do. Plus, we love the menu selections and the fact that it is a small family owned place that's been thru a lot in the past year (co-owner Paul died suddenly and his wife/chef is left running it) we feel a loyalty to her. She updated the menu and added a few more things e.g. chicken broccoli. My wife enjoyed that dish while I had the red curry chicken and we split some Thai noodles (forgot the exact name), an app of chickent wings and a nice banana wrapped in filo dough dessert. No 9 beers for me and a some merlot for her.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice quiet dinner at the $10-15 price point with convenient parking in the back. They also do a lot of take out. Supporting the owner (Yuphin) carry on goes a long way too.

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  1. Thanks so much for this update - I haven't been to Thai Moon for awhile, and having heard that the owner had died, I was wondering whether the restaurant was still open and still good.

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      Give it another try's still as good as before and in some ways improved with the addition of the a few new items. The service can be spotty as we grew accustomed to Paul running the front of the house and now there are several other ladies doing a balancing act. Can't complain really as the food meets or exceeds our expectations still.

    2. It was always one of the best American Asian restaurants in Arlington in my opinion (and by far might I add)

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        is the owner who passed away, the guy who would come and speak with you in the dining room ?

      2. I have always been pleased with our visits to Thai Moon. They do good drunken noodles -- a dish I use as a calibrating tool at Thai joints. ;)

        1. Their noodle and curry dishes are excellent.

          1. Thats so sad to hear that that man died. He would always deliver the food to my house and would always remember who I was, a genuinely nice person.

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            1. re: WeirdSam

              It truly is. He was a wonderful man as we got to know him very well over the years. We still miss him terribly.