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Feb 14, 2008 09:52 AM

Coupe Space Events?

I was wondering if anyone had attended one of the tasting events at Coupe Space on Queen St. in Leslieville?

Many of the evenings on their winter program sound interesting (full list at http://www.coupe-mag.com/TASTINGCLUBW... ). I was curious to hear feedback from people who have checked them out.

As a very new resident of the 'hood, I was curious about this new-ish venue only a block from my house.


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  1. I was there for a wedding last Summer and the space is lovely... one of the best uses of a smaller space ever!

    I have a pic of the rear area (with doors open to the back) here:


    As for the classes, Sommelier Anne Martin is hosting a number of the wine/beverage-based ones and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    A very talented lady indeed.


    1. Actually, it's funny you ask...
      I was there last night.

      I attended the Nightcaps and Desserts event with Seasoned Sommelier Anne Martin (Canoe and Prego Della Piazza fame)

      It was a fantastic event that took you through dessert pairing. You spent an hour and a half sampling 7 different dessert wines (some ports, some muscats), and 6 over the top desserts. The event was instructed very well by Anne, and Sasha was a great host.

      I'm just in the process of finishing my full article.

      My only problem was that the event space itself is too dark,

      Crowd was mostly couples (could be because of valentines).

      They have a Tequila/Absinthe tasting coming up!
      I recommend it.

      1. anyone going to the absinthe tasting next week?

        there's a waiting list! sigh..... i wonder what kind of food you get, would it pair with the absinthe?