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Feb 14, 2008 09:49 AM

chocolate on Oahu?

Where is the best place, both in terms of selection and price, to buy chocolate to cook with? Opinions please.

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  1. I haven't compared prices but R. Field's has a nice selection and Umeke Market has a lot of dark/raw chocolate.

    1. You can also check the restaurant supply house Y. Hata on Sand Island Rd. The only problem is that while the selection can be exquisite (primarily European), it's not exactly reliable and you never know exactly what you'll find.

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      1. re: Yoshio

        I went to Hata's website. Are they wholesale only, or can ordinary mortals shop there?

        1. re: Joebob

          Anyone can walk in and shop. Like I said, it's hit or miss on what might be there, but I rely on them for gourmet cheeses, refrigerated restaurant-quality beef & veal stocks (don't have time or enough money to pay the power bill to cook/roast bones for hours unfortunately), pasta and European butters salted and unsalted. I always find something different on each visit.

          1. re: Yoshio

            Their sister store Hans Weiler has lots of baking supplies

            1. re: manomin

              VERRRYY INTERESTING! Thanks you guys. I salute the power of our collective consciousness every time I get a response like this.

              1. re: Joebob

                Tamura's on Waialae has lots of chocolate.