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Dec 24, 2001 12:01 AM

Gustaf Anders Holiday Buffet

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Went today for the holiday buffet. This is our fifth visit in the last six years. It was better than ever!

Which is to say, it was as good as always. This is a truly wonderful holiday experience that I can't too highly recommend. And, I don't like buffets.

It's set up as a five course visit, with a guide to suggest how one might best approach it. First, the herring (there are about seven versions), then the cold fish, then the warm fish, then the cold meats, then the hot ones, then there is an abundance of cheese to taste and a wonderful array of desserts.

It is highly recommended that one drinks Aquivit and beer as an accompaniment.

You will leave wonderfully sated, if not bloated. But this is one buffet indulgence that is worth it.

Lunch is $39; dinner is $49. If you are looking for a wonderful holiday treat, do check it out. It will become a must do.

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  1. I haven't been to the Holiday Buffet; but I have been to Gustaf Anders, and it's excellent. I've only been there a couple of times, though. Thanks for reminding me about it.

    1. If you go to the holiday buffet, do not miss the praline meringue dessert. It is out of this world!

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        Adrian Hopkins

        Yes, I agree! I just had the chance to check out Gustaf Ander's smogasbord buffet today, while visiting my mechanic in Irvine.

        While I did not care for the assortment of cold herring (cold herring isn't really my thing, I think it's tastes too fishy), much of the other stuff was pretty good. I did enjoy the cold shrimp, the other fish dishes, the wonderful bread, the cheese, the Swedish meatballs, sausages, stew, and the desserts (my favourite). All cakes were exellent! My fav was probably the merengue cake, but the others were also first class.

        I also loved the hot spiced red wine "aquivit", albeit I usually don't care for any alcohol in general. It went very well with the smogasbord food IMO.

        My only complain was the red cabbage they had there, which I thought was too sweet. I also wish they had slightly more hot dishes, but this is a great buffet nonetheless.

        My total bill, including an iced-tea (also nice), came out to be around $44. I think this a decent value, considering the quality of the food, and the novelty of the experience (I don't know of another place in Cal that has similar food). Nonetheless, being the cheapskate college student I am, I think I would only try out this buffet no more than once a year, considering I had to dish out $52, including tip.

        I might be wrong, but the selection and tastes are somewhat different from the typical Hyatt buffet, so it might not work out for everone.

        Service was also attentive, and friendly. There was no sort of snobbery you might expect from a more expensive place. Indeed, I recall from visiting Stockholm, Sweden 3 years ago, that everyone was very friendly (and spoke good English). So this might just be the regular warm Swedish hospitality!

        Overall, I think this is great recommendation. I would definetly go back next year (or earlier, if someone else paid the bill)!