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Feb 14, 2008 09:34 AM


Looking for the best restaurant in malibu.We like any type of special occasion but looking for great food.Thanks

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  1. The best new restaurant in Malbu -- hands down, is The Sunset. On Westward Beach road on Zuma. New chef. There's a "secret" room upstairs with a separate menu. Downstairs, bistro with great food, everything under $20.

    I tend to love Terra. Prettiest room in LA I think. Food is delicious. The Duck Confit is to die for.

    Charlies should be good, but it's just not.

    Guido's - old fashioned leather banquets, but the food is solid and delicious. It's quiet and service is great. Guido's salad with chopped salami and garbanzo's is so good. All the fish is excellent the buerre blanc sauces on the sole is lovely.

    Sage Room - darned good Italian. Claudio is wonderful.

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      I wouldn't call the Sunset "new", it's been there at least two years, although sounds like they reworked their menu, and possibly have a different chef from when I went., which was brunch, and it was fine, but nothing special.

      If you love sushi, Nobu is considered one of the best, although he has two other places in Beverly Hills.